Sunday, July 15, 2007

Autumnal socks

Sans heels, but on the way.
A basic no frills pattern, with an afterthought heel, and a bit of shaping, via ribbing up the center back
A little ruffle at the top edge. (a fail proof bind off for top up socks is a lettuce edge—its virtually impossible to make it too tight!) I didn't have any socks bound off this way, so now there is one for my collection.
Right away, you'll be thinking. Um, that ruffle is a bit much isn't it?

But look again..
Remember-- I said there was a bit of shaping in the leg—look –and no the answer isn't that I have knobby ankles and thin pole like legs! And No, I didn't add reverse shaping to the sock.
The back of sock (seen here) starts with a few 2 X2 ribs in the center, and more ribbing is added each inch, until the entire back half of the sock was being worked in 2 X 2 ribbing. Along the way, 8 stitches were added, (bringing the stitch count from 64 to 72—and all those stitches were added to the back
And that ribbing is pulling in the leg of the sock significantly—enough that the top of the leg looks significantly narrower than the foot --even though 8 stitches were added. In stocking knit, those 8 stitches would add over 1 inch.
So actually, rather than getting narrower (as its seems) the socks were getting wider. Plus, the top of the sock(the black below the ruffle) has a ¾ of inch of ribbing.
The ribbing is pulling in the top edge of the sock.. (and making the ruffle very ruffled!)
On, the ribbing stretches out, and the ruffle is no were near as ruffley—in stead, its soft and pretty.
And now I remember why i so rarely use a ruffled edge.. 72 stitches (twice) doubled to 144 stitches, (twice) and then double again to 288 stitches (twice) to knit and bind off.
(Meanwhile Monica, a member of my LIC knitting group is knitting a ruffled edge on shawl—its sort of diamond shape, with a slip up the center of the diamond, the back one half of the diamond, the front diamond split to create right front and left front (giving her 6 full edges to pick up stitches.)
(a gazzillion to pick up and start with, then 2 times a gazzillion for the first increase, and 4 times a gazzillion after the second increase, then 4 gizzillion (or is there a third increase?) to bind off..--Whew! Glad it's not me!)
The heels stitches are on the needle, and lickity split, there will be socks.
Vinegar was purchased, and now there is an other small skein (160 or so yards) of a pale peach wool—or more correctly, a pale orange wool has been created. Next, a medium orange.. (orange orange!)
Here's how the pale orange looks next to Paton's Paprika color—pretty huh?
I love dying. I am blessed with a good eye for color, (compensation no doubt for being saddled with a tin ear and poor nose) and I love being able to summon up glorious colors.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Followed your link from KR to see your ruffled socks. Very cute socks, Troy!