Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Blues....

Two pair of blue socks finished!
One a Finished Object--
One Finished—Undone, capute, no longer a lingering mistake!

Normally, I like to stop after each row or two, and admire my handiwork.

This is good for my ego, and good for my knitting.
It's rare thing for a error to slip by.

I sometimes tink, (a row or two) but rarely frog. Some times I undo and mend a small mistake with a crochet hook, but rarely do I have a whole row of mistakes. Rarer still, 2 or 3 rows.

But, every once in while, when tired, and knitting at night –in spite of my lovely admiration, I mess up.
I am by nature a morning person, and while in my dotage, I have learned to stay up late, I recognize, I don't think as well after 10 PM --and while I have no problem with the idea of staying out all night partying, I tend not to drive after 10 PM.. I just don't have the same level of alertness late at night.

In the fresh light of the morning, when I looked at my knitting, I saw something that amazed me.
Instead of the lovely lacy pattern.. I find knits and K2tog, and Knits and YO's, scattered about, something like a pattern, but not actually in a pattern.

That was it.
Obviously, I had chosen the wrong pattern for this yarn, for this sock.. and out they came.
I was past the heel, and just about done with the gusset--but no matter. I unraveled the whole thing.

And started over. Toe up this time, on as smaller needle for a tighter gauge, and a totally different stitch pattern.
Time will tell if I have made the right choice this time. Even though this new stitch pattern has sets of K3tog's (not the most fun stitch in the world), I am liking the effect.

But before that, I finished the Sock of Blue Leaves. They look lovely don't they? I am going to post a image on the Lion Brand Gallery.
Maybe the powers that be at Lion Brand will see this colorway, and bring back magic stripes in nicer colorways. I think this color way, while not perfect, is a huge improvement over the Jelly Bean colors I started with!


sulu-design said...

The blue socks look wonderful. Who knew how fabulous a dye-job could be?

Sonya said...

They are stunning - love the photo. Drinking glasses? Very, very clever.

Jo said...

I love those dark blue socks!

ikkinlala said...

I love the shades of blue in those socks!

Beth said...

I love the color of those socks! Blue is my fave! Hope you're feeling better after your slip-and-fall. I broke my elbow in February during a "team-building" (ha!) curling game with work folk. Fell right on my left arm and did some good damage. Never again. -- Beth

knottygnome said...

wow, those blue socks are way better than the magic stripes colorways.

i've heard that MS has been discontinued. it's too bad--i like the yarn b/c it's a little thicker than most other self-striping yarns and it's still really sturdy.

Unknown said...
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