Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Loves and Hates

I am loving my newest socks!

Here is the over dyed Lion Brand Magic Stripes, (originally color way, "Jelly Bean"-- now shades of blue) looks knit up.

I was looking for a ocean wave sort of pattern , but Old Shales been done, and so has feather and fan, and chevrons are more like mountains than waves...

As I looked for a pattern, I stumbled across one I really liked—so now I have the Socks of Blue Leaves..

One socks has been stretched (a index card does the trick) so you can see the pattern detail.

I love the color way, I love the stitch, I love the soft picot edge that the channel Isle cast on gives.

The sides and back are ribbing—boring.. but the center front panel of lacy blue leaves are beautiful. It's an easy pattern to knit, too. I had it down in a single repeat. (can you count down from 7 to 0? if the answer is yes, you're halfway there to memorizing the pattern!)

Then there are the things I hate.. The things that sometimes make me want to quit reading (and contributing to BB's.)
Dichotomies.(well false dichotomies)

Which is better—English or Continental?
(As these were the only styles of knitting that existed--As if everyone in England knit the same way!)
Which is better—flap/turned/gusset heel or Short rows?
(as if these were the only options)

and The Quests for the Best.

What are the BEST needles? (What are you knitting? How do you knit? How long have you been knitting?)

What is the BEST reference book? (Why? Do you plan to only own one?--I own a half dozen. No one book has everything. Some have more than most, some have better illustrations, some, better text. )

What is BEST way to make socks? Toe Up or Cuff Down?
(Guess they missed:
Nona Knits “Sidewinder”
Debbie News “Better Mousetrap Sock” and “Swirl sock” (both patterns in Debbie New's book Unexpected Knitting)
and several other socks--including the ones that start at heel top, (with a provisional cast on,) and are first knit down to toe, the up from the provisional cast on to the top!)

I have no problem with knitters who only knit scarves –even those who only knit scarves in garter stitch. That doesn't satisfy my needs, but its a perfectly valid way to knit, to be a knitter.

And I have no problems with knitters who have clear preferences—who only knit with a certain sort of yarn, or certain needles (be it a certain style or certain material).

But I Hate false dichotomies, and quests for the best.
The Best of anything is subjective.

Well done BEST list of anything set up criteria first, and tell you the qualities they think are desirable: Cost, availability, ease of use, versatility, what ever. (you can agree or disagree with qualities they think are desirable)

Then they rank based how things fare compared to factors being measured.
There are very few things in life (and knitting) that only offer an either/or option.

Have you ever flip a coin, had it bounce, spin, and while spinning, work it way into a crack and end up stopping on its edge? --even a coin toss doesn't always end in HEADS or TAILS! And Knitting is way more complex than a coin toss!

I love knitting in Wools.

but—I love Anne Modisett's idea for knitting lace seat for chairs out of slick nylon cords. (see Weekend Knitting)

And my favorite shawl, the one I wear most? It's made from Lion Brand Homespun.
Irregular mill ends, 2 color ways, in different dye lots, and still beautiful.

Cotton has a place in my knitting too, and so does linen, and for that matter, blends of wools and synthetics.

What is the best fiber?Depends-- what are you knitting, and for who?

What are the best needles? Depends-- What kind of knitting do you do?

What is the best reference book? Depends—on what your current skill level is, and where you want to go with your knitting.

What is the best way to knit? (How can you know till you've tried different ways?)

What is the worst thing you can do?

Think there are only 2 choices! And that there is a clear BEST –one that doesn't need qualifying criteria to establish!


Anonymous said...

I so agree!
My answer to most of these questions is "it depends".
In fact... I find that there are very few true binary questions. The world is NOT black and white. It's an infinite number of shades and hues of gray. It always depends!

Shea said...

Amen sister! I hate being pushed into a corner and having someone tell me I have only two choices: a or b. Why can't I look for c? There is no "best" way to do something, perhaps "preferable" would be a better word to imply more choices. I knit a lace stole in a cotton/nylon worsted instead of dainty wool lace weight. And I'd do it again too!

PS - love the way the socks are turning out!

Sonya said...

Love that over-dyed yarn! Too true about the best, strong opinions, yes, but painting everyone in the corner, no thank you.