Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I should swap more.
There was a time in my life,when I got packages in the mail (out to others, and into myself) on almost a daily basis.

Somewhere along the way, I've managed to lose that skill.(That my local post office is a good distance away, (on the corner of I-95 service road (at an exit)) doesn't help.) There are plenty of other branches I can drive to, but...(there really is no excuse!)

Saturday, (well, I actually got it out of the mail box Sunday!) I got some incredible beautiful yarn in the mail (Thank you Janis, aka knit*therapy,)
I wish i could show you how lovely it was packed.. A bright red mailer, golden tissue paper, a lovely Hello Kitty note card.
(but like a greedy child, I couldn't wait, and I ripped opened the package in the elevator! ) That's the good news.

The bad news is, the still un-mailed box to my DIL.
Susan can tell you, I started a swap with her, back in MAY –but the earrings are still in NY.
In May too, I got some fleece (some is to go to Sonya too)
I knit potholders in May too..
(um, are you seeing a pattern here?)
I did start to thinking about mailing the box 6 weeks ahead of time!)

But, if you check DIL's blog, you'll notice, um, I missed her birthday –already.. and, um, I still haven't mailed the package!

I have other stuff too, things I think she'll like--antique kitchen ware, and stuff that she might use for print making.. and other goodies.
And what kind of grandmother would I be if I didn't include something for the for grandchildren?

Oh, yeah, my Son/aka Mr. KnitSonya) I should put something in for my son.. but I think he'll have to just be happy with everyone else getting goodies—coming home to a happy mate and happy children, and living in the happy household.
Exactly when that is going to happen? Soon, really, honestly and truly, soon!

(Men are the worst to buy/find gifts for.. and Son is an uber man!--)


sulu-design said...

My fault, too! I still owe you a pair of earrings. I won't sleep well until you have them in your hands!

Stell said...

Hi Helen, stella here from knitknitfrog - thanks for visiting my blog, the fair isle baby blanket (- fibb?) is steeked. I've knitted it with a 3 stitch steek as per Anna Z's instructions. I posted a querry on KR and got some good adice. Next stage is to whip and stitch the steek then cut, before adding the facing. Still leaves me with lots of end - but being a steek I don't have to weave in!

I know what you mean re the post office, some things -usually bill float in my bag for ages before I connect with post box.

Sonya said...

Helen, I am a misser of birthdays and late-mailer of packages, so no mea culpas needed. And that son of yours, he is a troublesome one to buy for.