Friday, August 17, 2007

Almost done.. My, oh, my!

By Wednesday evening, I had 12 inch (of 13 of the body) knit.

Yesterday, I was supposed to clean my bedroom, change sheets,and get some laundry done.

But.. I was seduced into finishing the inch of the body, and then to joining the sleeves.
A few short rows later, and it was time to start the swirl pattern.

Just one.. maybe two rows.. and then I'd get on to my chores.
Yeah, like that was going to happen!

Here the sweater, mostly finished.

I didn't like the suggested neck finish, and planned a faced/hemmed edge.

By the time I got to sewing it in place I was too tired to do it right—but all the other finishing, (the yarn ends, the underarm seams, etc) did get done.

Its very pretty (even before blocking!) Definitely—a matching hat --a Beret style hat. With a repeat of the swirl design on the top!

In total I used 3 balls (and some of the 4th). I started the 4th ball in the second row of the yoke pattern.

And used in all about 8 oz of wool. (just as the pattern called for!)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I do love those EZ-style bottom-up in-the-round things - possibly my favorite sweater construction model to date. Looks like this one is RIGHT up Miss B's alley, colors-wise!

Lauren said...

I *LOVE* the swirl design. Awesome work!

Sonya said...

That just-one-more-inch will get you every time.