Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Blog Birthday Sweepstakes

I know everyone has blog contest... and usually at some milestone like 100 posting. But then I am not everyone, or usual!

A sweepstakes? Yes, a sweepstakes. All you have to do to win is enter.

This sweepstakes is limited to the North American continent, (primarily US and Canada, but Mexico too, if I have any readers there)

Read a post (any post!) and post a comment to enter. That's it. It would be nice if the comment was meaningful, but “I want to enter the sweepstakes” works, too.

Since blogger mails me copies of comments as they are made, it will be easy for me to know which comments are new (even if you made them on older posts.)

One commenter will be randomly selected to win....

This Knit Kit –that includes this project bag, (about 12 long, and and 20 inches around--5 inches high X 5 inches wide). That's 30cm long and 50 cm around (12.5 cm high, and 12.5 cm wide) for Canadian readers

It is fully lined, and has an small handle on top and small interior loop to hook something on(What? That's for you to decide!), with an extra wide 18 inch opening—making it easy to store yarn, a pattern work sheet, and work in progress. And what the use of a project bag empty?

Well-- it won't be empty! It will come packed with a some yarn (a skein of Great Adirondack Yarn), some needles (Clover) some beaded stitch markers, and a small zippered notions bag, (matching naturally!)

Or if they prefer,

This Fiber Art Are My Bag. Packed in this fully reversible drawstring project bag, (suitable for socks and other small projects) are a Felting Needle tool, and basic felting instruction, and some clean, white fleece. It also includes a small drop spindle, and a drop spindle key ring ornament. The needle felting kit consists of 612 No. 36 felting needles, and a 2 piece felting needle holder holder. (A scrap of waste foam for felting will also find its way in, too.) Links to on line tutorials for using a drop spindle will be emailed, too.

A second lucky commenter will receive which ever prize was not selected by the first winner.

The winner will be selected by random number on 8/13/17, (the 1st anniversary of this blog) and announced. If you don't have a blogger account, be sure to check back (if you do have a blogger account, I'll post a comment on your blog, if possible.)

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