Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mindless Knitting (vs Mistakes!)

What to knit next?
The answer has come.. I started the edging on the blue lace –way to late at night—and messed up.. Frogged, and looked for something simple, mistake proof, mindless.

And have started on a knitting adventure. Even with 45 + years of knitting, there are still new things for me to knit.

Recently, YH blogged about toe up socks.. (and how she rarely knits toe up socks.)
(I presume I don't need to link to YH--either your read her blog and have it bookmarked, or you don't!)

Me? When it comes to socks, Toe up/Cuff down..doesn't matter... except to think about the stitch pattern, and how it looks right side up or right side down.

But knitting in the round sweaters? Up until now—it's always been top (neckline) down.

I am now knitting my first in the round sweater, cuff up.
The pattern, from an issue of Vogue (2003!) caught my eye then, and finally Miss B, my granddaughter is the right size for it--actually she is slightly too big for it!

I'm using a different yarn(Lion Brand Wool/color “flower garden”); and having worked with the yarn before, I was pretty sure the gauge would be fine (it is). It is fractionally off--so the sweater is a size bigger than the pattern –the body is 29 inches (not 27) –but a the pattern is for size 6, and Miss B is a size 7 (and like all good children, growing!) this gives almost 4 inches of ease.. enough to make the sweater comfortable over a T shirt or other top.

To make sure I was close enough, (and not about to knit a sweater sized for a linebacker) , I worked in the European style, and started with the sleeves.

Generally, I hate knitting sleeves, and getting them out of the way first is a good idea! Sleeves are great gauge swatches—these sleeves especially since the are supposed to be a bit puffy –It was easy to check the gauge –again and again!

Sleeves finished, I am now at work on the body--more plain stocking knit! I am truly looking forward to the spiral swirl in the yoke! But I can mindless knit stocking knit (in the body especially—no shaping till the yoke!) till late in the night—and already have 6 inches of the body completed.

I've made minor changes --a different cast on than the one suggested, different yarn, different colors—eventually some different details at the neck edge-- but I have no doubt if Meg Swanson were to see it, she'd quickly recognize the pattern as one of hers!

The hope is granddaughter likes the finished object. Her current favorite colors are purple, blue and green, and the color way includes all these colors –along with a pinkish purple tone--I think of the color way as Kindergarten Camouflage—there is enough blue and green that is not all girlie colors, but the swirl top makes its soft and feminine. Her Mother likes the idea of gender neutral clothes.. but Miss B loves girlie clothes. This pattern, in this color way is an nice compromise--(or so I imagine!)

The pale pink contrasting color is Paton's Classic Merino in petal pink--an almost impossible color to find in the NY area—Smiley's Yarn has every color of Paton's Classic merino but 2—Maize and Petal Pink! (this is my only skein of this color –in my embarrassing large stash of over 100 skeins of Paton's classic merino!)

The pattern didn't give yardage –just 2 4oz. Skeins. So I was wondering if I had enough yarn.. but the sleeves are finished, and almost 6 inches of the body is done –all with the first 2 skeins. I have 3 more skeins for the rest of body/yoke---I'm likely to have a full skein left over and then some.. (a matching hat or some leg warmers come to mind as 'bonus' extras)-- definitely a hat! --but as I have been typing and editing, the idea of matching bag comes to mind.. maybe even a felted one! I have lots of the Paton's pink, too, left over, so what ever is knit will be very coordinated.

Meanwhile--- I got a package in the mail (Don't you just love packages in the mail?)

A pair of earing's from Sulu.. Have you shopper her Etsy site? You should!

She has the most wonderful earings-- I own several pairs, and have given pairs away as gifts. You should own a pair for your self!


Lauren said...

The colors in that sweater are perfect!

Holly said...

Miss B will look just lovely in that sweater, I am certain!

Sonya said...

Just wait until you see the amount of pink in her room. By the way I forgot to thank you for sulu earrings in the package. I love them and wear them everywhere.

sulu-design said...

So I'm a couple weeks behind on my blog reading...
Thanks for the plug! I hope you like the earrings and that all is well.