Sunday, August 12, 2007

Plans (and Reality)

Some where in the distant past (that is January!) I made a list of knitting goals...

I am not sure that I have knit anything on the list!--I don't even want to look and see!

--I finished one UFO (a bamboo shawl) and have made a half dozen baby hats (and other hats) and potholders, bathmats and wash cloths. I know I have KNIT in the past 8 months.. but I don't think I have knit much of what I planned to knit!

And I've just finished the Koigu socks I started in December, frogged and started again. They are now bound off, finished. I made an experimental heel for this toe up sock, and bound off with a picot edge--(a sure fire way to make sure the bind off is loose enough)

The heel, is so so –it's not exactly as I hoped, but it does work. In other yarn, in other times, I might have frogged and reworked it.. but I am just so glad to have the socks done!

Well first, I am going to add the edging to the navy blue lace scarf and finish that.

Then? --We'll see. I have 2 cousins who recently became ill, and I am thinking about Prayer Shawls for them. (even if don't call them shawls--but lap blankets or something else!)

Definitely, I want to make a sweater for Granddaughter, and a hoody vest for grandson...(but I am not sure which will come first)

And I have some pent up sock plans.. including a spiral pair— and there is lace yarn calling out to be knit, and fermenting, is a design for a fair isle vest--I already have the yarn.. I just need to knit it! (isn't that always the case?)

The blog sweepstakes closes tomorrow, the 1 year anniversary--be sure to check back on Tuesday--especially if you don't have a blog!
(and if you are one of the many posters from across the pond, remember, you can assign your prize to a SP or a not so secret pal, here in NA if you want.)

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Elaine said...

Happy Happy Blogiversary! Sign me up for your sweepstake!

I also started knitting when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Rego Park Queens? Is that where you grew up? I lived in 3 boroughs, but not Queens.