Monday, August 27, 2007

Poor boy

Pity the poor second child*... condemned to hand me downs and forgotten.

I should know, I am a second child.
Of course I should point out, my elder sister was allergic to angora-- and I got all the super deluxe hand knits trimmed with angora, knit for her, unworn-- I also got the rabbit muff, and ear muffs--in pristine condition, also unused.

Master C is the younger brother, and while he has had his moments of acclaim, (scroll down—that him in the orange shirt), it's also true, I haven't knit as much for him. (It's also true that Miss B, 5 years older has given me a lot more time to knit.. maybe by the time he is 7, I will have caught up!)

On the needles now (and looking at the moment, dark and dull) is a soon to be raglan sweater.
The front will be steeked, with a casing knit to hold a zipper, there will pockets and likely a hood—and some colorful elements, too. Its Araucania Nature Wool, and zipping along.

There are socks on needles too, Schoeller andStahl Fortissima Colori 'socka color' #9044. A few inches done in a faggotted rib pattern.

Oh, yeah, **porcelain—one of my favorite words...
Do you know its etymology? Read about it here!

*Master C is actually the third child... Mr P, his older (teen age) brother is the honorary grandchild, who's early childhood I missed—I first met him age 7 or so --and while he knows how to knit, he claims to never wear anything knit! And I know better than to force hand knit on reluctant teens.


Lauren said...

can't wait to see the sweater once its done!

Sonya said...

I thought it was a vest. I love araucania wool! I have some leaf green and pumpkin orange.

Megan said...

Steeks and a zipper -- I'm dazzled! It's funny -- I've got 3 kids, and it's also my 2nd who misses out on the knitting, though I'm aiming to correct that. I simply had more time with my 1st, and she's a girl so I have more scope. The 3rd is an oops baby, born 6 years after #2, and I've knit up lots of things for him because he's small and quick to knit for.

Linda said...

I'd like to see the steeks being done, I am starting my first steek thing soon!