Monday, August 20, 2007

Swirl Part 2

I've finished the neck edge of the sweater

—and the matching hat.
It puffs up a bit at the center.--my first reaction was to frog and re-knit the last few rows.. but—I came to like it. It gives the hat a bit of personality.

The swirl design on the crown is same basic design as the design on the sweater yoke.

I still have a full skein of the Lion Brand Wool, and half a skein of the Paton's Classic Merino—so there might be a Part 3—I just haven't decided it it will be a swirl, or just the same yarn.

But before I even start—I need to finish some baby booties.. Kafia, the proprietor of Communitea, and her hubby had a baby boy last week. I made a hat months ago.. and now will knit up some booties to match.
The LICKnits group I belong to meets every week at Communitea.


QueenMeadow said...

Love the swirl, very cute!

Lauren said...

I loves it!

Shea said...

This hat is going to be so cute with that sweater. Please show us a pic with the little cutie wearing them when she gets them! What a lucky little kid.

Sonya said...

Perfection! Oh Helen - it is so wonderful. Sorry I missed your call and yes, yes I will start blogging. Pictures and all!

|chee-uh| said...

I like this hat the best!

chickengirl said...

beautiful!! i'd love one of those! i wish i could make some!!!

Anonymous said...