Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Weather, Again!

Well, the classic line is, if you don't like the weather, wait a bit, it'll change—and boy oh, boy! Has it been changeable!

Rego Park is far away from Park Slope (NYC is geographically large –especially so for an old east coast city) so the the tornado didn't effect me, but the wind and thunder woke me early yesterday. I live on a rise.. the grade is much to slight to even be called a hill, (and I live on the 14th floor!) so I never worry about heavy rains and run off (that a problem for those down the block).

By yesterday afternoon the mercury had climbed to the high 90's—but there was a breeze most of the day.. I stayed out of the sun, and it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

But then, I am blessed, and I didn't have to get to Manhattan.. (the E,F, R and V trains—the ones that run under Queens Blvd) weren't running at all! (and still had delays this AM)
Today, is drier (less humid) and cooler.. a beautiful day all in all.

I got some knitting done.. the Koigu socks are getting cuffed. I have enough yarn that I could easily add a few more inches to the leg, but I don't particularly like high socks, and I just want these socks to be done!

The stitch pattern (sort of) looks like kernels of corn, (or so I tell myself) the cuff is a twisted stitch plus a rib, to sort of look like corn silk.

The Heel is an experiment.. it's OK, not the most successful, but not a complete failure. I'll try it again sometime, with some changes. --I'll make sure to show the detail of the heel when I photograph the finished sock.

I found a cute project back too.. clear vinyl, with handles and zip top.. (with a a pocket too, that is about 4 X 6)--shown here with a pretty postcard in it to make it visible.
I don't think it a very durable bag.. but the price was right (under $1!)

My back is feeling better day by day.. until I forget and do something stupid.. My sewing machine died on Monday, and lifting the machine (not considered a portable) off the table, carrying it to car, lifting into the trunk, (and then out) then from car to the sewing repair shop, then up to counter, was all a bit much.. (it didn't hurt particularly at the time--but...)

I love my machine, and hope what's wrong is a hiccup, (This is the second sewing machine I've owned--I've had it since (circa)1975.. but I don't remember exactly when, but when my children were young.

Back then I sewed a lot—curtain, clothing, costumes, quilts and other household stuff.. Now, I use it once in awhile..(and, of course, I was in the middle of project when it died) It has lots of features—and I know the ins and outs of it well (and have a boat load of special throat plates, and feet, and other accessories) I would hate to have to replace it.

The Blog Anniversary Sweepstakes closes on Monday, August 13, the anniversary of my first blog post--Don't forget, commenting on this post (or any post!) enters you to be a possible winner! Scroll down for prize details.

Thank to everyone who has entered already!!


Miyaka said...

I love your socks. I hope your sewing machine gets fixed too.

Nicole said...

I love how your socks have turned out! The colors are beautiful. Hope your back is feeling better soon!

Lynne said...

I know how you feel about your sewing machine. My beloved Singer gave up the ghost after the second flood, back in 1987 (it survived the first one, but the second was just too much for the poor thing). I've had three since then, and none has been as "mine" as that one was. I sure hope yours is fixable.

Did I not tell you to relax, and let your back heal, slowly??? Did you listen? Doesn't sound like it. I'm serious! There can be repercussions from injuries to the lower spine YEARS after it happens, if you don't let it BE! Get someone else to schlep that machine around, or anything much heavier than a bag with the current socks in it.

sulu-design said...

We've been reading about the insane NYC weather here... crazy! I always love it when the weather shuts down the subway, although I feel for all those people whose homes were condemned due to the tornado.
Glad to hear you back is a bit better. Ask someone in your building to help you carry that sewing machine, silly!
And buy, oh boy. Look at all of the comments on your sweepstakes post! Readers come out of the woodwork for those, right?

Unknown said...

Hope your back continues to improve and the sewing machine did not do it in. I sympathize more and more with folks who have back issues. Love the sweepstakes idea, too. I really should do something cool like that.

Courtney said...

I like the socks, the heel is very interesting, but looks like it would fit nice.