Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Weather.

Isn't amazing how many of us are if not obsessed, at least, Interested in the weather?

I don't have cable TV, but I did once, and Yes, I watched the Weather Channel.
Used to frequent The Weather Channel page, too. (My son, many years ago, was on the team that produced the weather channel page.. some of the code he wrote may still be there, but there have been many, many changes to the site since he was there.)
Of course, seeing how today likely to be the hottest day of the summer.. how can you think about anything else but the weather?

I have owned (for years) a glass water barometer, and a few years ago, I got this indoor out door mini weather station--There are far nicer once available now, with more information, and since my station's outdoor humidity index has failed, I might one day upgrade.

There is more news coverage of the weather, too. Local weather, national weather, international weather reports are common.

It used to be, we only heard about the monsoon in India if it failed to arrive (and spelled drought for the area) –but now days, it doesn't have to be a crisis for it to make the news.

I suppose part of the interest lies in personal interest. We travel more, and want to know what the weather is like where we are going.. and we are more spread out.. we friends and family spanning the continent and globe. I am frequently reminded of my northern hemisphere assumptions.. (It's not summer everywhere, and not all my friends are complaining of the heat!).

An other aspect of interest, is how we are all interlocked in weather systems...
Rain today in Ann Arbor, means rain tomorrow in NY (frequently).
El Nino (or the lack of it) in the Pacific, effects not just my son and his family in SF, but food prices, and weather (eventually) in NY!

Heat in the south Atlantic means tropical storms --a percentage of which travel up the east coast (along the gulf stream current) and one day soon, it will be NYC that is under water from a storm and storm surge. ( my south-westerly exposure, usually one that tempers the heat of the sun with lovely south western breezes will be a big of disadvantage when those breezes turn into hurricane gale force wind!)
Well here's hoping the weather is nice where ever you are!

I would have posted about knitting, but the heat make me not want to do anything.. I've only completed 10 rows (2 pattern repeats) on my Koigu socks in the past 10 days.

I made the socially responsible decision not to have an air conditioner (none!) and only use fans.. Every once in a while (this past week for instance!) I question the sanity of the decision!

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Anonymous said...

We have a local (Grand Rapids, MI) meteorologist who is SO into the weather that he actually makes it all very interesting. He runs a blog which is very heavily visited. There's nothing more fun around here than watching this guy on TV when there's a storm brewing...even in the winter. Lots of fun!

Rebecca Clayton said...

I grew up on a farm, so I had a great deal of practice thinking and talking about the weather. In my experience, most "city folks" don't have a lot of interest in the weather, but, of course, you notice a lot of things other people overlook. I really admire your home weather station!

Lovely Lilly said...

I'm so glad someone out there is being socially responsible...cause it sure ain't me. I commend you but I just die without AC. Prolly got a lot to do with all those hormones or lack there-of.
BTW, saw your post at Knitty, came over and commented. (And I'd love to have the name of your hair stylist.)


Angie said...

I also use a fan in the summertime. For one, I don't have enough electrical outlets in my room to have one and two, I think a window fan works just fine. I put it on high and it keeps me pretty comfortable. Of course, once you walk out of the range of the fan it's a different story, but for me, it works.

Kena said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!

I live in the UP of Michigan and only here can it be 90 one day and 60 the next. The weather is harder to predict here because of the Great Lakes. There is a HUGE wildfire on the Eastern end of the UP and we are praying for rain. I can't tell you when the last time was we had rain, where I am.

Niki said...

I hear you about the rain rain and more rain! I live near Binghamton Ny, and all the rain this summer had my laundry backed up in piles from lack of being able to hang it utsdie hardly at all. These passed 2 weeks have been pretty decent tho and I have gotten alot of it caught up, thankfully. The weather channel is a daily thing in our home, we need to know for going camping on the weekends.

Robyn said...

Good for you to not have an AC! We have ceiling fans and a well-situated (north/south) house, so we don't use one either. Of course, now that we spend most of our time in summer in Newfoundland, we keep pretty cool even when we want to feel some heat.

Happy Blog Birthday!

Anonymous said...

My mum was a meteorologist...I grew up steeped in weather! It's nice to see you blogging about it. You spend some time and observations on it, too. Thanks!