Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WWKIP day follow up and other stuff

Hello, long time no blog.

It's easier to blog every day or two.. when a week goes by, there is so much to say.. 1—The prime reason I haven't posted anything this week (to date) was I fell Saturday--A cup toppled during the night and spilled some water. The water puddled far away from the up ended cup, (my floors aren't level—are yours? Are anyones?) and bright and early Saturday morning I stepped in the watery puddle and fell flat on my big fat ass. I went down fast and hard!
It knocked the stuffing, if not out, then around—the shock strained my lower back muscles, and since then, I have had some limited mobility, (sitting upright is the most uncomfortable position, followed by standing.. Walking is OK –but tiring.. but every day I feel better, and have managed do more--including sitting up at the computer! (--about here I paused, I was feeling some pain—and realized it was past time for medication (1 Aleve every 12 hours gives significant relief!--but I was well into hour 13!)

2—the Koigu socks have past the half way point.. heels been turned, and they still remain so so.

I'll finish them. But I can't say I love them. The stitch pattern bias a bit, but I knew that would happen, and each sock bias in a different directions.

I thought they would sort of look like kernels of corn.. they don't but... I am not going to change now.

3—Some good news. Back in June (WWKIP day) I had an interesting day. (see here)
Yesterday I heard from the young lady's mother. Ms J and her mother Mrs J both work in a nearby shopping center (most every one in Queens knows the former Alexanders –a huge store once. The building is now home to Sears, Marshall's, Old Navy, Bed, Bath and Beyond and a Circuit City. The Mses J both work in one of the stores.

After I got on the train, the police encourage Ms J to call family, and she called her mother at work (1 block away.)

By this time, an ambulance had arrived, and the para medics where encouraging Ms J to go to the hospital. (she didn't want to) Mrs J, who caught sight of the assailant, insisted to her daughter to get treatment (she was treated and released)

The assailant was high (on something) and filthy (and totally unknown to Ms J)—he had followed her from the train.

The case has been settled. Richard Brown, (Queens DA) finds it appalling that so many young men are sent to prison, and Queens has a pilot program for substance abusers.. they get suspended sentences if they complete a rehab program, and remain clean for the period of their sentence, (the man plead guilty, and was give a 3 year sentence)—if he gets clean, and stays clean, he stays out of prison. If there is a second conviction, he gets to serve the 3 years first, then what ever the second conviction entails. He has a record, (including one for sexual assault) but he still has an opportunity to turn his life around.

Ms J is largely recovered.. she still is a bit anxious but she told her mother about my help, and how much she appreciated it. Mrs J found the card I gave her daughter, and made a point to call me and thank me. I was glad to hear Ms J is OK, and learn all the follow up details.

4—This weekend is the annual family reunion, and with visiting family and other activities, I won't be blogging much... but Next week there will a anniversary and give away, so be sure to check back for details! (there is a hint in the sock photo!)

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