Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finished (for the most part)

And like most sweaters, it won't look its best till Cyrus tries it on..

The headthingy is, I think about the right size, (and the hood looks to be a bit big) but the headthingy has a longer neck than the average 2 year old—so the shoulders are all wrong.

Oh--it hasn't been blocked! but it looks good enough..
I am still thinking of adding some ties for the hood. (I think I'll cheat.. I'll make ties, and Sonya can and them if she thinks they are needed.

I should take some inside pictures too, and show off the hems and interior zipper bands--even the cables are reversible. so the sweater looks good open and flapping.

I hated sweaters much of my childhood, even cardigans; the sleeves were always too bulky, and sweaters too warm--I still like vests better than cardigans-- and I've always tried to make my kids (when they were younger) and grandchildren, the kind of garments I wanted when I was a kid.. (don't know if it always pleases them, but it pleases me!)

My son is rather like me, (and is happier with cooler weather rather than warmer) and I think Cyrus follows suit. Enough here to keep a kid warm, (and a mom happy) with out being too much clothing to interfere with having fun.


chickengirl said...

love the blog! i wish i could knit that good! all i can make are potholders and scarves....oh well. keep up the great work!

Sonya said...

Love the checked border and Cyrus always insists on being zipped up - odd child.

sulu-design said...

The checkerboard is awesome, and the bright bits of blue are so cool. I really like this project (and I think Cyrus will, too)!