Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you say A...

ACH! It's been 15 day since I've posted..
I could recount all that has been going on.. but..
Do you know the expression, if you say A, you must say B, and if you say B, you must say..

Most of the alphabetic litany would be boring..
A starts with Arthritis.. I have been blessed with 3 kinds! Gout, Osteo and Rheumatic. And yes, it is a blessing of sorts-- there is some (scant, but that's enough for me) evidence that auto immune diseases like arthritis offer some protection against cancers and knock wood, there is lots of arthritis, and relatively little cancer in my family.)
B would be Banishing clutter (clutter is an every present danger! And I was loosing!) which leads into
C--post summer Cleaning... (D- a Dead toaster oven, replaced with one that had a different foot print, (and required rearranging things on the counter top (which refers back to C and B!) )

Most of the litany would be along this dull boring vein.

Let's skip to K-- there has been some knitting.

Cyrus's sweater was put done momentarily--- it is back in the cycle as of today.

One pair of socks, the the Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Colori sock have been completed. (Another pair snuck onto the needles before could pick up Cyrus's sweater, but they are now languishing.)

Worked top down, in a ribbed fagot stitch, worked on a 4 X 1 rib. With the rib continuing into the round heel, and they finished up with a square toe. I rather like the square toe. Its very similar to a flat or french toe, but the decreases have been moved. To work a Square toe, first figure out how many stitches for sole and instep (in my case 60 stitches total so 30 for each)

Then decide on how many stitches you want to decrease—or as I did, how many stitches you want to end with-- in my case, I settled on 10 stitches remaining on each side—at the tip of the toe.
So, starting on one edge of insole, Knit 9, K2tog, (place marker) K8, place marker, SSK, knit 9 --Repeat on sole.
Next round, no decreases.
Then K till 2 before marker, decrease, K to marker, decrease, knit. (repeat pattern on sole.)
(NOTE: in this toe, I used K2tog first, then a SSK, but you can also do a SSK as the first decrease, and K2tog as the second decrease)

Follow this pattern (decreasing every other round), until all the side stitches have be decreased, then kitchener remaining stitches--in my case, the 10 remaining center stitches.

Since I knit my socks on 2 circs, and all the instep (and all the sole) stitches are each all on 1 circ, and it's very easy.. but its not hard to do with DPN's, --since generally stitches are organized with all of the sole of sock on 1 or 2 DPN's, and the instep on the on the other DPN's.

This results in a center group of stitches, and two slanting sides. The end result is toe shaped very similar to the more common flat/french toe... but--just a bit different.
(note (she says pridefully) my lovely ribbing—with out the dreaded stretched out stitch next to the purl.. It's Carnegie Hall quality--from the classic answer to the question How to you get to Carnegie Hall? --Practice, Practice, Practice!)

And a knit necklace..

This is worked on DMC #5 pearl cotton with 24 gm of 6/0 seed beads --mine in a color mix called moonstone, with light grey pearl cotton. But you can choice any color combo that suits your fancy--the choice of color of the pearl cotton and seed beads is entirely up to you.
The entire thing is worked in i-cord.

First, using white glue or nail polish, stiffen the tail of the pearl cotton (about an inch or two)

Thread all of the beads onto pearl cotton (the nail polish stiffened end can be used instead of threading a needle)the single strand of cotton will easily slip through the beads.

With 2 (US size) 2 (or 3) DPN's, cast on 2 (that is 2.5 or 2.75 mm needles)
Work all R's in I-cord.
R1: K2, **bring yarn forward, (as if to purl) slide 1 bead up to last stitch knit, Slip the next stitch on needle, then bring yarn back* (as if to knit.) K2.
** this is the bead stitch*

R2: Start row with a Bead stitch, K2, Bead stitch, K1

R3: K1, Bead stitch, K2, Bead Stitch.

Repeat R's 1 to 3 until all beads have been worked –or till you have reached desired length.

Work 5 R's plain I-cord.
Next row, K1, K2tog, K2tog, (3 stitches)
Work 4 rounds of 3 stitch I-cord.
Next row, K1, K2tog, (2 stitch I-Cord)
Work 1 round, then bind off.

Finish by adding jewelry hardware, or knot tails together with a square knot, and weave tails in. A drop of white glue (a very small drop!) will secure knot and keep it from undoing.

A 24gm tube of beads will yield about 20 to 21 inches of beaded I-cord.--with the unbeaded beginning and ending rows/rounds, this will will result in 24 inch (or so) finished necklace. To make a shorter necklace, work fewer rows of plain I-cord, or fewer rows of Beaded I-cord.

PS--if you haven't done so yet, be sure to link to KnitSonya--she has posted a lovely set of photo's of Miss B modeling her Swirl sweater.


Holly said...

Pretty socks! And I like the square toe; thanks for the tutorial.

Sonya said...

I was starting to wonder where you'd gone off to. Busy, I see.

Lauren said...

That necklace is so cool!