Thursday, September 27, 2007


Steeks cut, and facings knit.. the outer one has been pinned down so you can see the striped design. They (both the visible front band and in the interior band) were knit in stocking knit. I will sew the zipper in close to cast off edge, and rely on stocking knits tendency to curl to keep the knitting free of the zipper teeth. (Zipper still needs to be sewn in.)

The hood is shaped like a giant short row sock heel and about half done.

It will lie flat (I hope!) when not on—like a large shawl collar.

The edge will be finished with the same checkerboard motif on hems. I think I am going to add some hidden buttons to help hold the finished edge of the hood neat against the neck line edge.

I have been finishing (weaving in tails, etc) as I go, so the sweater is closer to completions than it other wise might be.

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