Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swatching-Gone Wrong/Long

On and off in the past few weeks, I've been swatching. I have many stitch collections, and I still haven't knit them all. And really you don't know what a stitch really looks like till you've knit it up in the yarn you intend to use it for.

I had some fine, fine silk and cotton, and was thinking about what to do with it.. and a sampler of stitches swatch sort of evolved--the plan was for a diagonally shaped scarf, so the swatch is shaped the same.
I tried the simple, tried and true, stocking knit with beading..

And then, I decided I like the textured look of the purl stitch, and started playing with some slip stitch patterns, looking for something where the purl stitch is the right side of the work
along the way I made an mistake--(can you see the 'wrong' row in the center of the image?) and decided I like the mistake so much I'd repeat it for a few rows and see how it looked.

I loved the look—but realize, there was no way I was going to work this fine, fine silk in this stitch. The stitch was interesting, but not for this project. Slip stitches have compressed rows.. (more row to an inch than say stocking knit) I put the swatch aside.

But I like the stitch, and thought about how it would look in a stripe. Slip stitches often change dramatically when striped--So, another swatch, in a different yarn, striped.

Remember, I was looking for an interesting, textured purl stitch.
After a dozen rows of my new swatch, I thought about swapping the relative positions of my yarns.

The purl side was predominately green (the solid colored stripe), and the colored stripe, was too under- expressed. There wasn't enough color there.

But look at the wrong side!

Every other row of this slip stitch pattern is 1X1 ribbing.. and the wrong side does sort of looked ribbed.. but the green row of ribbing is so compressed, it hardly visible. The uneven tension creates waves—And what is not visible is how thick and plush the knitting is.

This is definitely a cold weather scarf. It's like a thermal blanket.. Not tightly knit, but dense, with lots of air-trapping spaces.

It's not what I expected, or even what I wanted, but I like what I got! And this swatch is going long.


Monbert said...

Hi Helen,

I'm I seeing correctly that your swatch is on the diagonal. What size needle are you using?

Have you made a clapotis scarf? I believe it is on the diagonal. I read about it recently and am intrigued.


jinny said...

What colorway of SWS did you use?