Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes, I have been knitting..

Cyrus's sweater needs to be sewn and steeked, zipper plackets (and zipper) and hood still need to be added..
But the body is done--granted, hood is almost an equal amount of knitting, so it can only fairly be called half done—but there are some nice details already, hems of checkerboard. The checkerboard detail will be added to the hood too.

And there is another pair of socks in the works. These were started (with a picot hem) and frogged, months ago! I decided then I don't like to start socks with a picot hem. This new version has a vague picot from the Channel Island cast on.. The knitting is plain stocking knit (an after thought heel is planned)--I'm letting the self striping pattern do all the work

I almost feel entitled to buy some more sock yarn –seeing how my sock yarn stash is once again shrinking. (There is Rhinebeck coming up, and November will see me in San Francisco, (with a whole new bunch of LYS to explore!)

And I have been swatching.. various yarn--like this new Coat's and Clark's entry-- Bamboo Wool, 55%bamboo rayon, and 45% wool.. Very nice hand, nice stitch definition, and an OK price
It retails for $5.95 –at places like A.C. Moore, but who pays full price? There are once a month moonlight madness sales with 25 to 30% off all purchases, and 40% off coupons (go once a day for a week) or just sales. At $4 or less a skein, it's a value yarn.. too bad there is such a limited range of colors available.

Red, blue, raspberry, green, charcoal where the only shade available at my ACM--the colors are very attractive shades.. The blue, on close inspections, has shades of red, and navy, and a depth of color that is remarkable. But there are not light shades, only one shade of grey (dark) no white, cream, tan or browns.. And it is possible to do pastels blues, greens and even pinks that don't scream “baby”--but none of these colors are available!

And I've learned yet another variation of the Long Tail Cast On.. This brings me up to 36? 37? cast on's that I know. At some point I am going to put together some detailed instructions on some of these cast ons.. (there are some tutorials out there, but some of the cast on's I know don't have tutorials.)

And then there is Ravelry.. I haven't really made a dent in adding projects or stash, or all the other features.. and it still eats up time. I've added about 50% of my library.. but many of the knitting books I own aren't in the DataBase yet. But it take time to discover that.

I still have to figure out how to add a Ravelry button to the left margin of the blog.. but I am Oftroy there, too. (as I am on most knitting BB's)

Finally, stealing a good idea from, Jennifer Dickinson, I've been working on a NYC/LI LYS spread sheet.. This is a google document, (read only) every time I think I have finished it, I discover an other half dozen LYS! Still with almost 70 entries, its a good place to start if you are looking for a local yarn store in NYC area (eventually, I'll add the Westchester county stores as well.. but I draw the line a NY--Some one else can do NJ and Conn..

There has also been some mending and cleaning, and there are sewing projects awaiting my time—and a new one.. Have you seen Grossman's Gams? The Tsock Tsarina has once again done the remarkable!


Anonymous said...

Grossman's Gams! First spit-take of the day. That's perfect.

Your LYS spreadsheet is a boon to the metro area - I know I'll be using it.

As for limited color selection in bamboo yarn... you KNOW where to turn. Jennifer's Bamboo Ewe can come in just about any color you care to ask for.

Sonya said...

San Francisco yarn crawl here we come.