Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gone Long, And on to other things

I'm in Ravelry now a month –and while I've added some projects, and some photo's, I still haven't begun to add stash –and I don't know that I'll ever add anything to my queue.

I often see things that I might want to knit, but like the recent Swirl Sweater, there is often a long gap between seeing and knitting. Way too often, no matter what I think my plans are, I get distracted.

A swatch in a silk fine silk blend (pink swatch in previous post) gets me thinking:
How would that look in a different yarn?
Or in a different color?
Or striped?

Sometimes, the swatch remains a swatch..

But this week, the newest swatch became something else!

The stitch was interesting enough in the scarf... And worked just as nicely in the matching hat.

Now I want to see it in different colors.. Brighter, darker, with the relative color values reversed. How would this stitch look with a solid foreground and color stripes as a background?

I might end up playing with this for a while... and getting a few rows of my socks done in the off hours.
Speaking of socks--I wonder how it would work for socks? The result would certainly be a warm sock!

Finally, getting back to Ravelry, for the moment (i.e., my 15 minutes of fame) the editors have chosen my image of the Phyllotaxis scarf (see it here if you aren't yet part of Ravelry) to illustrate the data base entry on this pattern.

(There isn't a huge selection to chose from-- so far of the current thousands of Ravelry Beta members, there are only 4 who've cataloged this project.)

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