Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sock Stuff

Last year at this point, I'd knit 10 pairs of socks. (in total I knit 13 pairs in 2006)

This year, I've completed 5.
I didn't finish a single pair of socks from January to July!
So far, this year, there have been the Koigu socks (6months in the making!), the Autumnal socks, the Blues, (overdyed Lion Brand yarn), and the Faggoted Ribs socks.

Just finished are ho hum generic socks in a self striping yarn.
Knit top down --with a Channel Island cast on, an after-thought heel (a banded heel) and banded toe.
Nothing wrong with them, but they just don't 'sing'. The self striping pattern is almost perfectly matched, but the socks are just –socks.

Last night-- I started a new pair of socks.. they are flying off my needles.. I love them—the toe is long (almost 2 inches), and another 2 inches beyond that have been knit!

The yarn is left over Kroy sock yarn.. an incomplete ball of a medium blue, another incomplete (but less so!) of the bright blue, and the third yarn is the same bright blue that I experimented with and overdyed—in a sort of hand painted colorway. The colors move from royal blue, to bright blue, to blue green to emerald green.
They are toe up, with a magic cast on, and lifted increases. On the top (instep) the pattern is one often called 'hook' but I always see it as waves.. so these are my ocean waves sock!

The sole of the sock is worked in a simple 3/1 pattern that doesn't have a name. I like this turkish style –with different patterns for the instep and sole for socks.. .
I tend to like (as a general rule) high constrast, but these socks are subtle shades of blue.. at times there is so little contrast, its hard to see the patterns.. but the ocean is like that.. sometimes so dark as to be almost black, sometimes so clear and bright, it looks like a swimming pool—but usually its just soft subtle shade of blue. (Well that's how its is here in the NY area anyway!)

At the same time, I have an other version of the Ruffle scarf (Amanda Brown's pattern from Scarf Style working in 2 shades of Mode Dea Bamboo wool (celery and moss green) The Ruffle scarf is pretty, but with all the short row, its slow going!

(and opening up, organizing, photographing, uploading and then packing away my stash--all this done for ravelry!-- is also eating up a good deal of my time!

80 plus entries in my ravelry stash, and I am still working on the wools!--still to come are cottons, and other fibers, cones, and mohairs and, of course, sock yarn!


Lauren said...

I love your ocean socks!

Lauren said...

thanks! Its actually the natural pink colorway, and the symetry was sheer luck! :)