Saturday, November 10, 2007

180 degrees.. or about 25% done!

180° done, 360° more to go...

This shawl is sort of like a capelet.

At this point, you can see the 'front'--the cast on/last row of work are about 'shoulder seams'-there is no seam, (nor will there be) but if when worn, the cast on row will sit about at the shoulder seam, and (as will the 'stripe' now being knit)

The scoop is the neckline is clearly visible.
The shape is a C (tilted over and lying on its back) --or half a 'donut' --or half a circle with the center scooped out! Which description works for YOU?

As I continue, with more short row wedges, I'll be knitting the back. Which will be the same as front, only it will continue to get longer/deeper.. (from neck edge to hem)

Eventually, I'll have a full circle. (360°) If I were knitting a caplet, I would stop at a full (or even an almost full) circle.

But for this shawl, I'll continue on, making another half circle.. (360° + another 180° for a total of 540° of knitting!)

The last half circle will be deeper (longer rows of knitting and longer from neck edge scoop to hem edge) which will UNDER lap this first half circle.

So while I have one third (180°) of the wrap done, with each segment of short rows, I am increasing, and getting longer and longer rows, (more stitch =more knitting) and only about one fourth of all the knitting done.

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Tsarina of Tsocks said...

The more I see of this, the more fascinated I am by the way the color repeats are interacting with the short rows. Especially since I've now seen the picture that was your inspiration (I think - the Prism thing, right?), and in that one the colors seem to be a total crap-shoot. I don't remember the repeats being that regular or predictable, and obviously the rows are getting wider as you go, so I keep wondering, how much of it is luck and how much of it is planning? Whichever, it's a geat application for this yarn.