Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I know I haven't posted anything to my blog for a few days.

I've written a few posts, but I –well I've been a sour mood, and the post went beyond acidic to positively vitriolic, and I've elected not to share them--most of them shouldn't see the light of day!

Some will be sweetened up, and appear sometime in the future. Others, I suspect will never see the light of day—the topic include knitting groups (and group behavior at its worst) TV commercials, medicine and sexism (that one will get rewritten and published) and the Pidge and the uproar about how expensive it (supposedly) is--and how impossible it is to knit (NOT!)

I've been knitting-- the Ocean wave socks have a heel (I photographed them when they only had half a heel, but the second half was finished Sunday.

The Ripple scarf plods along.. (about 20 inches now) (no photographs)

And a HUGH ball of an old NORO yarn (a mostly rayon blend) that has been sitting (not put away, but left out, in sight, for inspirations) has finally found a project.

The design I'm knitting is a rip off.. a copy of scarf/shawl that has been seen (well seen by me!) in the back of several knitting magazines.... a spiral that starts narrow, increases and turns, making a full circle, and then another half circle (540° in all) --it's as simple as can be, short rows of double garter stitch (K1, P1/P1, K1) with the yarn doing most of the work—and doing a lovely job of it!

It's going to be tedious, all those short rows.. (and it will get worse with every inch.. ) already, there are 18 inches of hem for a mere 4 inches of neck (and I am figuring, a loose neck is 18 to 20 inches, + another half neck –27 to 30 inches at neck line (which will be some 100 or more inches of length at the hem end. --I could make the hem end narrower, but I want a soft drapy fabric..and a slightly ruffled edge--Unlike the spiral wrap I've seen photographed in the ads.

So my scarf/wrap isn't attempting to be a duplicate --but it clearly takes inspiration from the one I've seen

The Noro is slightly thick and thin, and its being worked very softly on a size 5(3.75mm) needle.(and was a lovely gift from Barbara V (aka the KnitWit on several knitting boards, but blogless)
When I measured wraps per inch 1 inch =23 wraps, but 2 inches =28 wraps (or 14 per inch!)
The truth lies somewhere in between—since the thick parts of the yarn aren't to be found every other inch.
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