Monday, November 26, 2007

Long time, No see

When I haven't blogged in a while, (like now) it's not because I have nothing to blog about.. Rather I have too much..

I still haven't blogged about my adventure with my neighbor:
renting a truck, driving about, and transporting the new (to her) TV.
(it was a sort of a comedy routine! it could be titled: 2 fat old ladies, the truck and the TV.)

And I haven't blogged about Ravelry, or about meeting other knitters via Ravelry.

Nor did I blog about my trip to San Fransisco--This crystal pitcher (above) is a recycled memento of the trip--to visit my son and his family.

This trip could be the source of many topics, including:
Sight seeing (a very little)
Knitting, (a bit) yarn porn, (a bit) spinning, (quite a bit!)
Grandchildren (of course, mine are the best! And my stories about them are the best!)
Food (my DIL blogged a bit about the food, but she didn't brag...I could blog about all the food (it was all very good!)
--and about the philosophy of food.. (natural vs prepared, vegetarian vs ominivorian, traditional vs. new ideas)--food offers a host of blog subjects!

I could make a few blog posts just about a few of the many books of her's I skimmed, (she had, um Planned ahead, and had many of her books handy --while re-organizing the book shelves!)
I could blog even more about The History of Knitting (not a glowing review) a book I read, and have borrowed--as well as borrowing Nicky Epstein's book Barbie and Me (all the better to knit for my granddaughter)--another subject that is worth a whole blog post!

I also skimmed most of Anne Zilboorg's book the Knitting Heretic, much of the book covers things I have previously read about (or by) her, and since our philosophies are very similar, there was little in the book that I disagreed with—or failed to understand.

I could blog about Hats--I both skimming the Interweave book on hats, and Anne Zilboorg's book on hats, I feel ready to knit more hats.. and to really get to it, and write my own book about hats!

Sonya suggest that I blog more about my life.. In some ways a boring one, but in other ways, a very rich one (if not always a happy one)--but the life and times of neurotic knitter seems to fascinate her!

I don't know how many of these subjects are going to get blogged about.. some, I suppose, others will slip away...


teabird said...

I loved the Two Fat Ladies on the Food Network - but I guess you didn't use a sidecar....

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Well, I've finally found out how to get a photo up in Ravelry, AND figured out how to link to friend's blogs there, too. It's been a good day because you were home and had blogged about the trip and moving a TV with a friend. Yay!

Robyn said...

We want to hear it all!!