Monday, December 24, 2007

About Blogging

The is the top of Norah Gaughan "Sunflower Hat" (Knitting Nature). (a great pattern to knit!)

I am keeping the top of the pattern as written, but I started with a provisional cast on, and worked the crown. (as shown) Next I undid the cast on, picked up the stitches, and now I am going to work the brim--with some changes.

The hat will be finished by the next blog entry, I am sure.

Why Do I Blog?

I blog for a number of reasons, --I love knitting, and I love sharing information about knitting -be it about what I am knitting or what others have done to inspire me--or annoy me!

To be honest, I some times knit spitefully—when someone says “these are all the ways to do this”(and shows 5 or 6 ways) I am likely to take it as a challenge, and do it some other way! Sometimes I repress that spiteful urge.. but not always.

On the other end of the spectrum, I also am somewhat of a braggart, and blogging is made for bragging!

I also blog because I am vain.
I think I have interesting things to say. (And readership validates my thinking!)

I blog because I have always thought of myself as a writer.
Don't look for an evidence that I am a writer beyond this blog.. there is some, but it's sparse (you could, with a good deal of time, and some personal info (that you likely don't have!), and google, find the 3 or 4 letters I written to the NYTimes. (about half the letters I written to the NYT have been published, not a bad ratio, but 4 letters of 30 years, is hardly an earth shattering record!)

I did, once (going on 25 years ago now!) have an article I wrote for a magazine, republished (with my permission.) The article was in a syndicated by KINGS features column--so (potentially!) hundreds of thousands might have read something I have written.(It was about shopping; in a former life, I was a coupon queen.) The column is no longer published.

Going further into the past, (30+years) I had one or two articles in The Long Island Press—defunct many years now (the DAILY Long Island Press, not the free weekly with the same name) –but all of this is a very small body of work!

I blog and write as a way of shaping my life.
I think this is a nice side effect of writing..The choices I make about subject matter, the view I present, the focus, (the lessons I've learned)--all of this is for me to chose.

I could chose to have a “half glass full” view (something I did for many years!) or to be a Polyanna, and see only the good. (a view nearly as bad as the opposite, I now think)--I know I have it in me to be mean and spiteful—but I try to keep this in check, and to aim for the “positive re-frame”.

Are you familiar with the idea of positive re-frame? Its a way of taking the facts (are the facts the truth? Sometimes) and seeing all of the facts.

Movies (some movies) do this superbly.. One is Mel Brooks version of 'Robin Hood'.

There is a scene (a memorable one to me) where Mel Brook's character (a councilor of sorts to the prince) stand at a castle window.. he looks out and sees:

a bustling market in court below the window,
boys fishing, successfully, in the moat (a bit of fantasy, but hey, it is a movie)

moving outwards, in the near, and then the far distance there are:
green fields, with grain, and cattle, and farms and men working in the fields, and all sorts of animals.
Further in the distance, forests, with all sorts of game...
Near by streams that grow to rivers, and far of ports with many white sailed ships...

Everything is idealized, everything is beautiful, everything is good.

The prince, is sitting on a chair a few feet away from the window

Once again, the scene starts at the window.. and we see:

a broken pane of glass,
rust on the window frame,
bird poop on the exterior sill

Moving inward, the curtain on the window is thread bare,
There are cobwebs in the corner of the window,
The room, is filled with faded, worn, and tarnished fixtures,
Candle wax drips are on the floor, (from the candle on the tilted wall sconce with a loose screw)

There are holes worn in the carpet.

Every detail is dull, dirty or broken.

Each character see something different.. in each case, there is a level of truth—but neither is seeing the whole.

(The whole of the movie Groundhog Day is about the same subject. When we see things differently, we are different, and our lives are different. The main character spends the entire movie learning that.)

The truth of my life is there have been hard times. (Where these of my own making? Alas, yes, all too often!--but there were others who influenced my life, in less than positive ways)

And the truth of my life is I have been blessed, with good friends, loving family, and more
things (material good) than I could dream of as child.

I can (and try to!) focus on the good, the positive—but I don't deny the bad. It's there. It has shaped me.

There are facts, and somewhere there is the truth. I am still looking for it! And blogging, I find helps!

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Sonya said...

Glad that you do blog and gave me the push to do so myself. It's 7:46 and the kids are still asleep. When they're up we'll have the usual Christmas bedlam. Will call latter, but for now - Merry Christmas Helen!