Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging--What I hope to do Next Year (and a bonus)

Miss B, the beloved grandchild, got “an American Doll Girl” (as she says) for Christmas.

It's not clear how much she really wants this doll (and how much is simple peer pressure, since several friends have American Girl Dolls.)

No matter, dolls of this sort are dress up dolls. I had a Shirley Temple doll when I as the same age, and knitting doll clothes was some of the first knitting I did. (My mother bought a set of patterns to make doll clothes too.. not to many got made.. but those that did get made, matched my own clothes!)
My DIL, who I love and adore, knits and does all sorts of clever things—but I've noticed.. We work to different scales.. Her art work is HUGE. I tend to the minitures. I suspect she'll make some doll clothes, but such tiny work is not her normal mode.

So, a small amount of sock yarn (superwash, of course) and a few hours, (and a complete and total frogging of the first effort!) and here is Miss Samantha's first sweater. (Ok, it still needs buttons—but they are coming.) The T pins are marking the button hole positions.

Notice the details.. tubular cast on, and grafted cast off...

short row shaping for back and front neck edge. And now, its being

blocked into a nice shape (the button bands tended, as button bands do on stocking knit, to curl) --Oh my what a sweater!

Next up a hat and muff set.. Not exactly matching (how trite!) but the green hat will be worked with stripes of yellow and orange—so coordinating. there might even be a dress made to go along with the sweater set.

Blogging –Next year.

In addition to writing, I read blogs. Some are knitting blogs, some are nominally knitting blogs that only touch on knitting infrequently, and some have nothing to do with knitting.

Each one, has features I admire.

Some have great photography.

My photo's are better each year, but photography is not my medium—I love good photographs, but I have never developed a good eye for taking them. I could, I suppose, work at it, and become a good photographer, but that is not one of my goals. But I take better pictures today than I did as little as a year –go back 5 years, and there is a marked improvement. Partly, it's the camera. It is so much easier, with the immediate feedback a digital camera provides to just keep taking photos till, like one of million monkeys, at a million typewriters, in the course of million years...I eventually get a decent image. (or one that can be cropped into a decent image.)

Some have regular features.
Wordless Wednesday, or 9th of month, or Tuesday is for spinning..
I am going to try to have some regular features—one is 'the First of Month Freebe' –with a free pattern, and link to another free pattern.

And at least once a month, a recipe (one of my own, or a link to a special one).
*Since I now have some roving, I'm going to make an effort to document my spinning progress

And I definitely want to make some more tutorials.. and some You Tubes tutorials—on my favorites techniques.

Some are so simple, (vs my always too wordy posts!)
I am making a serious effort to recognize, Less can sometimes be more.*

Some are so well organized
And working on organization, making it easier to find information, links, free patterns, recipes, all sorts of stuff is a chore I've avoided. Its time to set up an organization to the blog, to make it more user friendly.

Some have so many comments!
I am, to some degree envious of this.. but.. I don't think this generating more comments is one of my goals.. (readership, yes, but comments no.) Readership is a comment!

*More about my wonderful swap partners, and my roving, later in the week.

*Nota Bene: this post is half the length of previous one!


Anonymous said...

Seems to me this hat would look about 900x better if the hem was tucked under so the petals just poofed & ended at the face. Ribbing around a face is a very VERY hard look to pull off not to mention very uncomfortable on a head. Plus the whole thing is 'nature' and 'flower' themed - the inch of ribbing seems athestically contradictory.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Dolly sweaters--I started with teddy bear clothes too. May all your stitching inspire the lucky little girl to try it herself!