Friday, December 21, 2007


On Sunday, these socks were less than a dozen row/rounds from being complete.
But I didn't finish them till late yesterday afternoon --and the real finishing, (weaving in all the ends) didn't get completed till early evening.
They are not every day socks.. they are thick and cushiony, --and a bit hard to put on and take off.
Worked at 9 stitches to the inch, and stranded, they are snug socks (the foot was worked over 68 stitches, the leg over 78).

They are the perfect socks for horrid days.. you know the ones.. when there is rain or snow or sleet predicted (or, as happens, all three!) and circumstances dictate being out and about all day.

NYC has one of two of these each year, and sometime, I have plans that I can't, or don't want to change. I can think of 2 that occurred in the past few years.

One was New Year's day 2001—Memorable for the cold, cold weather, and the MOUNTAIN of snow (about 2 feet!). A friend, and her family were visiting, (from the UK). and we had planned a full day of sight seeing. Including a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We ended the day (of sightseeing) atop the WTC.he real end was back uptown, at their hotel, for dinner and alcohol.. (lots of alcohol!) which was fine, because I had taken public transportation to Manhattan (and did the same going home) and tipsy doesn't matter on trains!

The other day, not so cold, but wetter, two years later, (again taking an friend, visiting from Japan, sight seeing.) --We started down town, visiting the site of the former WTC, and ending the day uptown at Metropolitan Museum of Art (and watched the last few minutes of the St Patric's day parade.)

It's days like these that demand soft, plush, warm socks! And there are one or two every year.
And sometimes, instead of being able to avoid the weather, you need to be out and about in
“and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads”
Do you know what a sugar plum is?

Actually the nearest modern equivalent would be “a sweet treat”--the term was used for a variety of treats, from small hard sugar candies, to 'sweetmeats'-- treats made from fruit or nuts.

One of my favorite 'sugar plums' are stuffed dates.

The Kid version:

Take ready made marzipan, cut into small chunks, and roll into small 'logs'.
Each log should be about the size of the last joint (tip) of your pinky finger)
Stuff these, as is, into pitted sweet dates.

OR add to the marzipan, (or roll the logs in):

chopped almonds,

chopped dried cherries,

toasted coconut,

cinnamon sugar,

chopped (finely!) crystallized ginger,

toasted sesame seeds—

or something similar before stuffing into the dates.

These are slightly more nutritious than candy or cookies—after all they are fruits and nuts and they are yummy!

For adults: (this recipe was stolen from Sulu)

Cut the dates in half, and stuff each half with a whole almond (plain or glazed)
Wrap each half date in ½ strip of bacon.(use toothpick to secure the bacon to date)
Roll the bacon wrapped dates in brown sugar.
Broil 8 to 10 minutes, (turning once) till bacon is crisp.

They shouldn't be eaten right out the oven, (they are too hot) but adults will ignore all suggestions to wait till they cool down!

Warning: no matter how many you make, it won't be enough--of either!


Sonya said...

I think I will go for the kid version - marzipan trumps bacon in my mind! Marzipan, yummy stuff!

Shea said...

Marzipan is good, but the sweet and savory of the date and bacon sounds fantastic!