Monday, December 10, 2007

A Finished Objects and Some Yarn Pron

I really hate knitting scarves and shawls.

No matter how enjoyable they are at the beginning, at the end, they are all tedious.

Especially when the style is one that has increases, row after row, and the further along you are, the more stitches there are in a single row—add short rows to the pattern, and row after row of knitting results in what seems to be very little progress!

That said, (I am still plodding along on a second version of Amanda Brown's Ripple scarf—long and short rows both!) I am please to announce that the Noro Swirl shawl is done. Here is one image, (later this week I'll spread it out into the spiral.. (no where near 540°, but more than 360°) so you can see the shape.

It could have been bigger.. but as the end of the skein (and yes, the shawl was knit with 1 skein!) became evident, it was evident to me, I was at my end, too!

My ocean socks are anklets (waiting for me to finish them) but I have an incentive..see here:
Silk sock (and some stripes)

Fermenting, is what to do with this Classic Elite yarn (a discontinued one)

*Sonya had the one skein of peach, I had 2 of steel grey (and some mini balls of some other colors, rose and a blue, I think) the mini balls weren't enough on there own, but with the peach, I now have enough yardage to make....(a hat and small scarf?(What am I crazy? Another scarf!) or perhaps a shrug....
I haven't seen the shrug pattern I like yet.. so if a shrug, it will have to be designed!

* I told Sonya I want this yarn, --but I also offered her the 2 skeins of grey. 1 skein is so limiting, 3 opens up so many possibilities!


Monbert said...

Congrats on the Noro shawl. It looks great!

Lauren said...

The noro shawl looks great! So cool how it circles around.

Sonya said...

Hooray for my shawl - love it! Many advance thanks. Though I will have to deflect all the "did you make it?" questions. I already do that with all of Beatrice's sweaters.

teabird said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I hope I'll get to see it in person one of these days -