Saturday, December 15, 2007

More socks

Since I've finished the shawl, I've been working on some UFO's (there are always UFO's!)

Not yet seen, but half done, is a second Ruffles scarf (see Scarf Style, Pam Allan/designed by Amanda Brown).
The first version I made was done in wool. This one is being worked in Mode Dea's Bamboo Wool in 2 shades of green (pale celery green, and soft sage green) –I am past (about 6 inches past) the half way point (i.e., I am now working with second balls of wool in each color)

The first 2 balls yielded about 40 inches of scarf, I expect the next 2 balls will bring the finished scarf to about 80 inches.. a nice length.
The scarf is endless.. (all those short rows!) but its does look very pretty in the two tones of green).
Secondly, I have been working on my 'free socks'. The bulk of the yarn for these socks is left over from other pairs, Plus one odd ball (in a totally different dye lot)- that I space dyed with easter egg colors.

Remember theses? (from Oct 27th?) They are more like socks now!

The colors are pretty, but there isn't enough contrast for the fair isle type patterns to really jump out –so, it was almost inevitable, that errors would creep in.. and boredom, too.

So, the errors were left, and to resolve boredom, the patterns were changed. The ocean waves gave way to a rippled shore design, and then to flights of fancy.

I am almost out of yarn, and the socks are almost finished.

They are pretty enough.. not perfect, but then, they are just everyday socks.. albeit extra warm ones!

The fabric is a nice dense 9.5 stitches to the inch, (I increased after the heel so that the leg of the socks would fit on to my fat (full sized!) ankles and would be easier to put on). The close colors make the designs elements subtle--besides they are just socks, and usually only seen from 5 (or more!) feet away.

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