Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going to Pot(s)...

I am a bit of klutz. I still regularly had skinned knees (from trips and falls) well into my 30's--the good news about this, is over many years of falling, I am good at falling..

I rarely seriously hurt myself when I fall –I have twice broken bones, (once in right foot, once in my left shoulder) but considering how many time and how spectacularly I have fallen, it's impressive I haven't broken more bones.

Unfortunately, in addition to falling, I drop things.
Glasses, coffee cups, pots, pans, plates, you name it, I've dropped it.
This month alone I managed to drop--and break-- a coffee mug, my favorite 16 oz. water glass and glass pot lid.

The last item really annoyed me. It was for one of my favorite pots.. one that is just the right size.. and glass lid made it easy to check on foods (like rice) with out lifting the lid and releasing the steam.

Yesterday, for a lark, a friend and I went to Ikea for breakfast. One reason for the trip was we both had batteries that needed to be recycled-- while Radio Shack has a battery recycle bin, we always finish breakfast before Radio Shack opens—and Radio Shack is, for both of us, located on a block we rarely other wise walk on! So it was easier to drive to Ikea, each with our sack of dead batteries.

After breakfast, we walked through Ikea.

He keeps making noises about selling his apartment and moving into a less expensive one.. and every time he semi puts his current apartment on the market, he is disappointed—every likes it, but thinks it is over priced.

It is a nice apartment--but it has no sizzle. He's a practical guy, and still has a 20 year old dish rack on the counter. Its perfectly serviceable, but its dingy. Like wise he has some jury-rigs shelves for spice and what not.. Serviceable, but no sizzle.

I keep telling him, people buy the sizzle not the steak, and he should invest in some new kitchen accessories.. (an new counter top too, since the 40 year old one is worn out.)

We walked through the IKEA, and looked at kitchen ideas. He began finally to get my point.

He took home a kitchen catalog to plan (in theory) some improvements.

I've been friends with this guy for 10 years or so. In those 10 years, I've moved 4 times.. and he's spent the 10 years talking about moving, I suspect he'll think about improving his apartment a few more years--and about selling it and moving even longer!

Still if in Ikea, it necessary to check the clearance/as is room.

And what did I find, but a set of pots, (stainless steel, with a thick heat distributing aluminum on the bottom—with glass lids. I would have been happy with just 1 pot (and one lid) but the set of 3 pots/2 lids was $5.00. 1 pot of this quality normally retails for 3 times what this set was selling for! Of course there were issues.

One pot handle was broken (and needed to be crazy glued back together), and one lid was missing a knob.. But.. being a pack rat, I had actually kept the knob from the I broke—so the knobless lid was fine by me!

So the set is not quite matching.. The smallest pot lacks a lid, the largest of the set (just a 2 quart pot, not a very large at all!) has a mismatched knob. I now have 2 very nice pots with glass lids. (for very little money!) Honestly, with the addition of these 3 pots, I think I now own more pots (with just myself to cook for) than I did when I was cooking for a family!

Meanwhile, here is the next face cloth--still on the needles.

Pretty, isn't it? Yet another bamboo yarn—I planned to knit some baby thing with this (I also have a solid blue and solid pink) but that baby is well on the way to toddler-hood--so that ship has sailed!

This is the first of set of 4 more or less matching ones—still to come, a solid blue one, a solid pink one, and striped one—using up the left overs from the first 3, since each skein doesn't seem big enough to make 2 face cloths.


errs said...

Nice find on the pots. I love the clearance section of Ikea -- I scored a really nice runner for next to nothing because it has a small stain on it. I've got dogs -- what's one stain. ;)

I also like the face cloth -- very pretty design.

teabird said...

What a beautiful cloth! Can you share the stitch?

Sonya said...

Now that is a pretty stitch pattern.

Lauren said...

The pots are a really nice score. I wish I had an Ikea!

I love that little face cloth, the stitch pattern plays so nicely with the yarn.

Angie said...

I really love that stitch pattern, it's very pretty.