Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I can see for miles and miles...

24 hour later.

1 more face cloth. (another already on needles)
30 inches of my bit of the mile knit.
And some musing on miles.

1 mile 5280 feet.
10% of a mile = 528 feet
1% of mile = 53 feet
0.1% of mile 5.3 feet.
0.05% of a mile =30 inches or so.

Not much is it?

Miles are funny things, we measure them (on high ways, and odometers), but do we really travel by them? Not really—Well maybe Air Miles.

We really we travel in time.

Last night, traffic was light, and it only took me 20 minutes to get home, (about 20 miles--but that is a guess. I really don't know exactly how many miles I travelled!)

Most of it was on the I-495, (which is posted for 55MPH speed limit) but I traveled with traffic --not so much speeding but following a pace car 5 seconds in front of me—which meant for the most part I did 65MPH. (Yes, I admit it, I speed.)

But isn't it more common to define distance by time, not miles?
Places are close (5 minutes drive) or near by, (15 to 20 minutes drive) or 'a drive' (about an hour's drive a way) or pretty far (2 to 4 hours drive (or more!)

Europe (or the other coast of US) is a 6 hour plane ride; Japan, a grueling 18 hour plane ride!

On the other end of the scale, a mile is 20 blocks or so (in Manhattan's regular grid-work.)
In Queens and the rest of the world? Well a mile is about 20 minutes walk, maybe only a 15 minute walk.

Most adults walk about 3 miles an hour, NY'ers tend to be fast walkers.. and average 4 miles an hour--but NY'ers aren't alone in being fast walkers.

There are other ways to look at a mile.. 1 mile, at 60 mph, is 88 feet per second.
(Which is why you really need 3 to 5 seconds of space between you and the car in front/behind you!--I might speed, but I strive to drive safely!)

At the speed of knitting, 24 hours (well really, 4 hours of so of knitting) =0.05% of a mile.
8 hours =1%, 80 hours =10%, 800 hours =100% --or about 33 days (and nights!) of knitting.

(Of course, other knitter's mileage might vary!)

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