Monday, January 28, 2008

What have I been doing?

Lots of different things...

More face cloths for 1 (or is that for 4?) 3 done, 1 on needles

(With lots more soy, bamboo and cotton in my stash that is crying out to be knit up)


Regia Silk color.. I am a bit disappointed with this yarn.. It was purchased at Imagiknit's when I was in SF back in November, (and the price was right!--since it was in the clearance bin.)

I can see why now that I am working..
It feels great, (better than great, I am looking forward to wearing theses socks!) and the socks are bound to be wonderful..

But I am less than satisfied with the Regia self striping.. (and would have be VERY UNHAPPY if I paid full price!) I generally trust yarn stores (and yarn store owners/employee's) to be honest (and Imagiknit's was very fair and honest. )

There is always a reason a yarn is discontinued.. when a yarn store discontinues carrying a yarn, it's likely because there is a problem..

(and I when I shop 'sale/discount' bins, I expect a problem.. and the bigger the discount, the more of problem I expect.) So I hold Imagiknit's blameless, (the low price was a sure indicators that something was up!)

The problems is the stripes.. the colors are not long enough to make a nice stripe. But enough of that.. (or perhaps more later with a photo detailing what i am unhappy with)

Finally, just days since I said I wouldn't—I am...
To wit:
1 ball of Lion Brands Vanna yarn in mustard yellow, to knit a few feet of the mile.. If you don't know what I am talking about read all about it--Just 1 balls worth--as many feet as that will be.

I haven't started yet.. but..I will tonight..

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