Monday, February 18, 2008

A Dozen (depending on when you started counting)

I tend to be a process knitter. I knit to knit. I sometimes get attached to what I knit, and have trouble sharing the knitting, but often, I just knit.

Not quite mindlessly.. I usually want a challenge. And a change. I want to knit something new –new to me, and often a new idea.

Thanksgiving 2007 was shared with my son and DIL and family. (a generous risk on her part!)

My DIL knits; and spins, and felts, and works and maintains a house (not just the everyday cooking, cleaning and managing clutter) but home improvements; painting, decorating, tiling, redoing (kitchens, baths, bookcases!)

I wanted to bring something-- (actually I brought several things!) small and for the family. I decided on wash clothes. And brought some I had sitting around.

They were a hit. I am sure DIL thinks about knitting wash cloths.. just as, I am sure she thinks about sitting in the tub, relaxing, reading and enjoying a hot cup of tea. Unfortunately, thoughts like these are idle dreams. Family, career, the all consuming needs of the every day force her to pick some things, and pass on others.

One day they will have grown up and moved on!)

So, I've been filling in.

Some points:
These are wash (face) cloths, not dish cloths.
They are made from cotton (some) and bamboo, and soy silk, and chenille, and (at some point, linen)
They are so much fun to knit.
They are a fun way to try out some stitches, and some edges, (and to confirm, NO I DO NOT LIKE....)

Last night I finished cloth # 12. (Not counting the 5-- I brought at Thanksgiving).
These are the latest.. (see here and here for previous photo'd ones)

I still have some more bamboo (3 full skeins, 2 partial) and some more cotton chenille (2 full skeins) and some soy silk (2 partial skeins) and I still have cotton.

I am earmarking some of the cotton for my daughter.. She re-doing. too. Her Pepto Bismal Pink bath is being redone in white bead board and sunny yellow.. And she'll no doubt need some yellow wash cloths for her new bath!--she might even end up with a new bath mat, too.
12 wash clothes hardly make a dent in stash.

And then along came Ms. Lacey.
Ms Lacey is a woman of a certain age. And she's cleaning out some of her SABLE.

Since I have a car, I picked up the yarn she is sharing..

It will be shared by the LICKnits group. Carolyn will take some of the acrylic—not much for the 2 weeks each summer she spends at children's camp where she teaches knitting.

We'll fight over the fine wools—several of us love to knit lace.

And gasp at the quantity (4 black (trash) bags full!

(I wrote (but didn't post this several days ago.. since then.. well hopefully I'll get the updates posted in a timely manner!)

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Those are very pretty wash cloths. It's not easy to find soft enough yarns and thin enough without being too thin, but I keep looking. I've never liked using the dish cloths, but really do love the wash cloths. Thanks for your post about what you've been making!