Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny Yellow

There is an internet movement about(well, there are lots of internet movements about...) making 2008 the year to knit from the stash.

I tend to be aware inter-net knitting movements, but –for the most part, not part of them.

Still, I frequently knit from my stash (alas, more frequently, it seems I am adding to the stash!)

During my recent foray into face cloth knitting, I went digging in the stash for some pastel bamboo that I remembered I had, (found it!) and found two unexpected yarns.
One I half remembered—some Pineapple yellow Cotton Ease (this is Lion Brands old Cotton Ease) 4 full and 1 partial skeins, and another –totally forgotten about--full skein of soy silk in a deep blue tone.

The Cotton Ease is now ready to be repositioned, (from stash to linen closet)--but the soy and bamboo?
Alas, with 9 face clothes already, and 9 more in the box to be mailed tomorrow, my DIL is up to her eyeballs in face cloths—or so she claims.

Really? 18 face cloths are enough? But I still have bamboo, and soy, and cotton chenille and cotton and linen blends, and silky mercerized cotton, and worsted weight cotton and...
All-in all, a 2 gallon zip lock bag of yarn is politely waiting to turn into face cloths!

And my stash isn't really that much smaller.. (just better organized!)

Oh well, it's time to move on.. the socks I cast on last week are still at row 1, and there are UFO's a plenty waiting attention, and a hat design has been fermenting and is close to reaching fullness and almost ready to be knit.

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