Saturday, April 12, 2008

What gives?

Well, for one, I haven't been doing to much knitting!

Last year, a small north east chain of fabric craft stores went out of business, and while I got some wool, (they didn't really carry a big selection of wool) I got some unfinished wood frames, and beads and jewelry findings, and fabric... and a bunch of other crafty stuff.

And I've been sewing, and jewelry making, and framing photographs..

Not much sewing.. but I did get 2 craft bags made, (one was part of a yankee swap at Thursday night's Bobmas party (a Ravelry thing)--I was anxious that it would be a disappointment.. (the idea was yarn, but wasn't limited to yarn) but it was swapped and Jesh ended up with it.. (and 1) managed to convince others not to take it from her, 2) did a better job of photograghing it!) --I've also done some mending for my Daughter-- not even a hours worth.

When I moved (5 years ago now!) my plan was to make the small entry hall (it's really small, about 40 inches wide by 65 inches long!) into a gallery area. The entry is painted a deep purple (for reference, it's a “Harold and Purple Crayon” purple... not some wimpy lavender or lilac.) It opens into my computer 'room' (a half room in NYC nomenclature—the room is the back half of the living room, --windowless, but with an open floor plan (I can see the living room window (and the NY skyline) sitting at the computer)

I've hung some photographs, and some plaques, --including a copper Failte (Welcome) but the arrangement was simple, and collection, small—just 15 small (mostly 4X 6) photographs.

The plan with the deep purple was to enliven the space with with metal and mirrors. There is a full length mirror on the back wall (a 40 inch wide wall). I have a brass planter, the aforementioned copper plaques, and most of the photo frames are gold or silver toned, or mirrored with gold or silver trim on the other two walls (each of which also has a doorway--the main entry on wall, the hall closet door on the opposite wall)

Now I have another Four 4 X6 photographs, and a half dozen 5 X7's to add to the mix.

The photographs, most of them are pictures of my grandchildren, (courtesy of my DIL, and son) have been mounted in the finished frames, but not yet hung.

I planned ahead when I hung the first lot—all the previous photographs were hung with 3M's Command adhesive hangers.. so removing and repositioning is rather simple—but still not done.. (soon, really soon!)

As mentioned, I bought unfinished frames, so I first had to sand, and paint (and add hanging hardware) so its not like I just bought some prints and put them into frames!

And I've been beading.. really the simples of things. Basic beads on string (or rather beading wire) with some simple earing to match. And until I get some clasps, they won't be finished (but they look good, even if they are just simple strings.. These are just 2 of the 4, there is another simple one in a darker leopard skin jasper, and a graduated string in poppy jasper. These join my much older sets of necklaces done in red jasper.(Jasper is one of my favorite stones--bet you never would have guessed!)

I'm at the turning point on my socks.. (the heel turning that is) they are looking good—you'll have to take my word—I haven't photographed them!


teabird said...

I love jasper, too - I rhapsodized in one of my posts about Rainforest Jasper, in fact. It's such an interesting stone with its striations and variations in color.

sulu-design said...

So I'm three weeks late finding this post... I never one was for timeliness! I love that you've included some of your bead work here. What a multi-talented woman you are!