Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good News, Bad news

OK , I have been knitting.. my poncho like shawl is now 18 inches (unblocked) and I still am knitting-- And thinking about an edging.. I might be crazy and add a ruffle. I started out with over 200 stitches, and now have over 300, and to make a ruffle, I would double (to 600) and doubling again (1200!) but I am thinking.. it would be a nice edging.. (insanity might prevail!)

Here's an image from when it was only 15 inches long. It stayed 15 inches long forever-- then 1 more repeat (4 rows) and it shot up to 18 inches!

The yarn is a super fine super soft mohair--it's Lineapui Yarn--an Italian yarn company that only sells to the industry, (not retail to home knitters) and I suspect, because of the strength of the yarn, it has a core of silk –maybe not 100% silk, but a percentage –the yarn is almost impossible to break by hand.

The fibers are super soft (I love mohair, but I know, it can be scratchy/fluffy, not soft/fluffy) and yarn is a single ply cobweb—lace weight..(about 28 to 30 wraps to the inch)
I'm working 2 strands held together, and serendipitously, in these 2 colors--a dark purple, and a light aqua blue. (Do you think I like these colors? )
About half my wardrobe is made up of these colors... (and has been since I was a teen!)
When worked together, they create a totally new color.(Read the newest issue of Interweave Knits for an explanation.)--This came about because I was impatient to swatch the yarn.

Instead of winding off a few yards, or a whole skein, I took 2 cones, and worked 2 strands in 2 colors.. and I like the result so much—that I kept at it.

In the not so good news department, I am having (for me) a rare allergy attack.

Several years ago, my sister M (I have three sisters, D, G, and M!) got Neutrogenia's home dermabrasion kit.. It came with a small hand held, battery operated applicator, replaceable sponge pads that clipped on, and a micro fine abrasive cream. She gave me a facial once –and I loved it.--and certainly her skin looked good.

I've been seeing the 'refill packs' for ages, but for the longest time didn't see the 'starter kit' with the applicators.

Recently, Neutrogenia has been selling the applicator with 'skin rejuvinator' cleaning pads (the kind that look like fine nylon scrub pads) I've used scrub pads like this in the past, so, I invested. I figured I start with the cleaning pads, and at some time in the future, I'd get one the micro-dermabrasion refills.

I first used it on Wednesday, and my skin felt a bit tingle-ee--but I thought that was a good thing. Most of these products work by slightly abrading your skin (to promote new, fresh skin growth)
Used it again Friday, and well that was my mistake.. the tingle-ee feeling gave way to burning and redness, and itchiness, and huge red bumps, and well—my skin looked rejuvenated in a way-- I looked like a teen with a bad case of acne! (and while its a bit better today, it's still pretty awful!)--which annoys me no end.

I am no great beauty, (not ugly, but not beautiful) --but I have (normally!) great skin. It's smooth, it's soft, it's mostly wrinkle free (its getting a bit crepe-ee now as I am getting older)--but it's still one of my best features. I am not pretty enough to have my skin messed up--my good looking skin is the prime reason I am passably good looking!

(Neutrogenia's help line was helpful, and the quickly refunded my money--and would I am sure done more, if I asked for more.. but I didn't.)


Shea said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope your skin gets better soon!

Karen said...

Oh Helen. I hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen: That shawl is GORGEOUS!!
Also, I am still looking for the pattern for the Alan Dart gnome. Any luck in getting it from one of your readers???

sulu-design said...

Helen, that shawl is absolutely gorgeous!
I'm so sorry to hear about the skin problem. Currently, my back looks like your face - covered in blotchy red spots (mine from wretched insect bites). I'd thought of creating a jokey blog devoted to my skin issues, as my doctor once called me a dermatological nightmare. Lucky for you, it sounds like you usually have good skin, so hopefully this will clear up soon.

Angie said...

Oh Helen! I try to stay away from using too much of that facial stuff because I have sensitive skin. I hope you feel better soon! You were nice not to ask for more than a refund from the company.

And your shawl is coming out lovely.

Monbert said...

Hi Helen,

Go crazy and do the ruffle. I love ruffles.

btw, can you point me the direction of the heel turn chart?


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Helen, your skin is just too delicate and it fought back. May you soon have your beautiful skin healed up. I scrubbed my nose a little to hard around mother's day, so I had to go to my niece's house with an angry red nose that was all from ruptured little capillaries below the skin.

Have fun, do that stitch monster ruffle on your scarf. That a very beautiful blending of yarns.