Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SABLE-- Plus

I have to start taking better care of myself. My yarn stash already exceeds my life expectancy, and yesterday.. I bought more!

(and I already have plans for more still!)

I stumbled onto a local, (well if you define local as with in 10 miles of home) person, who has been charged with selling off cones of yarn left over from his fathers garment business.. he has several hundred cones.. mostly, wools, some with clearly marked tags inside the cones, (ie; labeled 100% cashmere, made in scotland) and some with just manufacturers codes, ie:
8940 545
Silk City Fiber
(telephone #)
lot 65956
Lettuce (the color name)

The seller views the whole thing as a chore.. (it took me weeks to get an appointment to buy this stuff.)

There is a limited selection of colors, and some are dusty/dirty.. (and some are stained—the stains look like they will wash out.. but.. Buyer beware) and there is no order or organization.

Want 2 cones of the same color/same yarn? He might have.. but, you have to rummage through boxes and boxes to find stuff.
Some are super fine mohairs, some are ribbon yarns (cotton, silk blends, viscoses) some are a bit soiled, some have the 'waxy/oiled' finish for machine yarn.. (the red> fine and superfine cashmere..(compaired to a dime)

I got some wools (they might be merino—but I haven't cracked the code to be sure) 2lbs, 14 oz cones-- of white fingering weight wool--I am going to have fun dying these!--the large white cones are wool, the other colors, are superfine mohairs. (each cone of the mohair weighs about 1 to 1.50 pounds)

I got some silk..OMG! (and I never say OMG, but!) a pound of natural (undyed) silk! --and silk is as easy to dye as wool.. (Now I just have to find the right color!)

I got some angora..(no photo) I got some mohairs..I got some cashmeres >4 fingering weight skeins (each about 8 ounces) and 3 superfine cones, (right side of image) --there is a pair of cashmere socks in my future.. the light beiges might be overdyed to more interesting colors.

I really need to take care of myself.. I need to live to be 150 just to be able to knit up the yarn I have now... (and I keep getting more!)

Best of all? All these cones, and 2 more, and the angora--(10 small skeins) was under $75!)

(and sorry about the photo quality.. my new camera is (in theory) better--I have to learn to use it. No matter how advanced the technology--this end user has a remarkable ability to mess up when using!)

FYI—SABLE is short for “Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy”


Shea said...

I'm so freakin' jealous! I want cashmere and silk too! Wow.

teabird said...

Oh please, please bring it some Sunday so we all can fondle it!

Peanutga11ery1 said...

rock on! I suggest hand-painting, such fun!

I got a bit of silk at a garage sale and dyed it and I knit the simple knitted bodice (or, as I called it, satanic bodice) and I would love getting cones.... SABLE away, you can always will the rest to someone ;-)