Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strange, Strange... I know I am strange!

I've knit 8 to 10 shawls in the past 5 years –(that is, since I've started being somewhat methodical about keeping records and photographs)--more if you consider the soft lacy over sized scarves as small shawl.

I'm making yet another now. It's beautiful, the mohair is silky soft, the colors are like the sky, both day and night. The pattern, simple and enjoyable. In less than a week, enough yarn to knit 9+ inches lace have slipped between my fingers.

Before I started this shawl, I was in a slump and hadn't finished anything for almost a month—OK I got a hat knit, and a few inches on WIP, but the socks I've been working on since Bobmas Eve, haven't worked out as I envisioned, and have been frogged back to the toe.

But last weeks stash enhancement got me fired up. (this image is from earlier in the week, when I only had about 4, maybe 5 inches worked.

Thing is; I rarely wear shawls.

I love knitting them. I love the look of them, I love them. But I almost never were a shawl.

I've given 2 shawls to my DIL--she always has a scarf or lace shawl draped around her neck.. It thrills me when I see her wearing ones I've knit. She knits too, and many of her shawls are her own handywork—she also is pretty crafty, and fashions scarfs from fabric as well as knitting them.

But, there in a casual photo, of some everyday activity, I see it, round her shoulders and neck—something I've knit! I look at the photographs, I smile, and I gag!

I hate things wrapped round my neck--and I want to unwrap the shawl and let it loose! I see the shawl, and I feel, as I would feel myself: half strangled! I could never wear a scarf or shawl wrapped round my neck like that!

Same goes for some of my knitting friends.. I see them wrap and double wrap lace or wool, triangles or rectangles, round their necks and Ugh, I feel I can't breath just looking at them.

And here I am, knitting yet another shawl.. I'll wear it once or twice.. and likely it will sit in a drawer.

And then next month, or next season, or next year, I'll make another one.

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