Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going to Pot.. wtih a bunch of Enablers.

Really! The people I knit with—the bunch of them, I have only one word for them--Enablers! The whole lot of them! (Me, too!)

Saturday, for WWKIP, we (the West Babylon/Panera knitters –who have yet to come up with/agree upon a name for ourselves!) sat and knit with the Amityville Historical Society Annual Fair.

I am not keen on being out doors, in the sun for hours on end.. but Lisa enabled me—she brought a pop up tent (those big white ones that set up and come down in minutes.) (and she took lots of photo's.. I brought my camera, but forgot to take it out and take any!

Renee set the whole plan in motion.

There were lot tents.. Vender's of all sorts (which I was able to avoid!) and a food court,(where I bought some lunch--it was a fund raiser, and the idea was to do that!)

At the end of the day, the Jumble sale had a sale... fill a bag (a large bag!) for a dollar, or a box (assorted sizes) for $2.

I didn't budge when they made the announcement.. I have enough stuff.. I find stuff all the time.. I don't need more stuff even when its cheap.

But, no, Lisa had to point out.. there was a crock pot in the pile.(Check her blog right now it has great photo's from the day, but soon it will have some images of the stuff she scored)

Kelly has talked about having a Summer To Dye For Event in her back yard later this summer. Kelly already spins a good deal of the yarn she knits with, now she wants to dye it too!

She's getting into natural dying.--gathering plant material, cooking it, get mordants, the whole thing. (and I enabled her by sending her the link on Ravelry about natural dying.. Not that she hadn't already invested in several books and other info)--

Me, I am quite content with food dye and vinegar—well, that's almost true-—a few French silk dyes have found there way home.. and one has a big nasty looking label warning Danger Toxic –Use gloves, do not use kitchen pots and pans, yada, yada. So a dye pot has been floating around on my list of things I need.

Last week I enabled Renee with some undyed Silk (she's on a yarn diet)--it's not YARN.. it's fiber for a to dye for event..)

So I got the crock pot, and an enamel pot-- the crock pot will be reserved for food safe dyes (and will likely be used for a pot of chili once or twice a year) but the enamel pot will be just for dye.

I also found 4 photo frames –1 silver(plate) and 1 brass—and 1 with both silver and brass (and one wood one.. that will find its self in the kitchen.)

The silver and brass ones will join my collection of other silver, polished brass and gold(ish) framed photo's in my gallery.

I actually already owned frames in the same style—a nice style point.

I mix and match styles—with abandon--the only unifying element is the shiny metal.--I also have a brass planter, and a gold toned key box—and a few copper plaques in the same space as well--and a large mirror.. It is the entry (and exit point) and a mirror is nice thing to have—lots of shiny surfaces—make the small space look bigger.

Another find, (from last week) is my dress form.. It's a small one.. but I like her.. (and I've always wanted one) –and for the price--FREE--I am quite happy.

In a week or two, she's going to be dressed up—I have a Japanese wedding kimono, (a complete outfit, obi, under kimono, outer kimono, shoes and silk tabi socks) and she's just the right size.


Karen said...

Oh! I want a free dress form!! Good job finding one for free!

LICraftgal said...

Oh nice pot!!! Darn I missed it, oh well! Great crock pot too!! Yep it was a great day!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

It's pink! I wish I'd seen it first, even though I'm on the West Coast. I dye in the crockpot. Love it, too. It's great.

Missed the day but had it marked on the Calendar since January. so sad..