Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here today, gone tomorrow...

Well, my sexy appearance is fast going away..

In spite of following all the rules:
#50 sun screen, applied 1 hour before exposure, (and a second application 15 minutes before exposure)
Remaining in the shade as much as possible (I never “sun” --that is intentional sit in the sun)
(Mostly) Restricting exposure during midday (10 am to 2 PM)
Cold showers after sun exposure (to immediately cool down the skin)
A hat, (or visor) and dark sun glasses at all times

I have a mild case of sun poisoning..

I don't have a sun burn—I haven't even been Pink. My skin has developed slightest bit of color --which it will do.
Because I have followed the rules, it's a mild case (I felt a bit queasy, but not quite nauseous) and no fever or chills, but I do have the rash and general itchiness—on my face(chin and jaw area) and shoulders, (top, front, and back )--but hives are SO not attractive!

My lower arms that are a bit tan (tan? HA!--they look normal (ie, they have some color, and are not pasty white) and not at all affected.

I do have a bit of the classic 'farmers tan' that comes from just walking about with exposed skin.
The first image shows my fore arm.. (this is my version of 'tan') The image is a bit pinker than my skin actually is-I didn't spend any time color correcting the image.

This second image shows the contrast of my 'tan' forearm (looking less pink) --against some of my 'normal' (virtually no sun exposure) skin--I am, most definitely a 'white' person!--and my fore arm has a lot more color!--Clearly, while there is a difference, my 'tan' is quite pale (the colors in this image are pretty close to actual) --my shoulders and chest have a lighter 'tan' than my fore arms, but darker than the milky white of unexposed skin--
(and as milky white as I am, my DD is even a paler shade of white.)

So I am confident that the itchiness is not an allergic reaction to the sun screens--I have, and use, several brands.. a CVS brand cream, and the continuous spray kinds.(2 different brands)--all 3 are SPF 50 with both UVA and UVB protection.)--if it were an allergic reaction, I would expect hives on fore arms, back of my hands, forehead, ears, nose and cheeks. (and thankfully, they are fine)--to wit, everywhere that I applied the #50 sun screens!

Instead, the sun poisoning is restricted to places that just haven't had much exposure to the sun.

I really like the sprays..(which is, quite expensive!) it's SO EASY to get parts of my back that are other wise difficult to reach (and I don't this year have a small pyramid of sun burn in my center back (where I can't easily reach)

NOTE—I normally (everyday of the year) wear a moisturizer with an SPF 15. This goes on my face, neck, the back of my hands and up onto my fore arms—I long ago recognized that 'liver spots'--a classic sign of aging-- were really just over sized freckles—so its an old habit to wear sun screen on my hands and fore arms—still I do get a bit of farmers tan anyway.

Thankfully, the heat wave has broken.. (and I don't feel compelled to hit the pool early in the AM, and again in the PM.)--I'll keep out of the sun for next few day, and let my skin recover.

There is plenty of shade in the afternoon.. I am quite sure my 11 AM to Noon cool off in the pool are the culprit. (Mid day sun is the worst)

Good new is I actually have some topical benadryl lotion (from the face disaster last month)!


teabird said...

ow. I've had sun poisoning, and it's awful - I feel for you.
You aren't having much luck with your skin lately!

|chee-uh| said...

I'm sure you still look sexy! Wink wink.