Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Sexy for the elevator

No Photo—since there hasn't really been real progress on anything..

I've been in a bit of funk, and can't finish anything.. (and can't start either.. its been days since I've posted)

The heat wave here in the east coast doesn't help--(I don't (by choice) have any A/C. (I do question that choice on days like this... but..)) But I have a pool and pool club membership.. so I do go for a morning work out and then again late in the afternoon.--Its a great way to cool off.

I can get to the pool with minimum on the street time (I cut through the buildings garden, and private path, (open to the public 364 days, closed one day..) and then there is only 100 feet or so of street to walk on to the pool entry.

So usually I wear a bathing suit and a skirt (or shorts) –sort of half dressed.

But this morning I wanted to look for some 'water weights' (Styrofoam floats that you use muscle power to submerge.. and so I went to Sears (they didn't have) and Bed, Bath and Beyond.. (I've signed up for a water aerobic class, and wanted them for the class. So dressed a bit more..)

Now you have to understand, my idea of casual is made up of clothes I like (and i don't care if they match or not)

So was wearing:
a black bathing suit (with a tropic print on the bra bandeau.. (red bird of paradise flowers, and dark green leaves, and some yellow and bright red orange, and some orchid—very colorful)

And a skirt (a coral skirt)--also tropical color--but the bathing suit has no coral. Red, yes, orange yes, but no coral.

With a light weigh jacket in a tropical turquoise. (and the bathing suit has dark greens, (tinged with yellow) but no turquoise.)I wanted something on my shoulders and back--(and to look dressed)

I had on a sun hat (light blue..) and once again, the bathing suit, it has reds, and yellows, and dark green, and orchid.. but no blue at all.

Finishing up, I had on some dollar store 'croc's—in a tropical sea green (not a turquoise, but a green)

In short NOTHING matched! The individual pieces were all sort of tropical colors.. but...

Sure, I wasn't heading to fancy stores—and I was hardly on the street at all—I cut through the parking lot to get to Sears and Bed Bath and Beyond.. But I was hardly well dressed.

And then, to make my day, my upstairs neighbor got on the elevator.. He is a quiet man, conservative (an immigrant,) slightly formal, and somewhat religious. There was another neighbor in the elevator too—she spoke to him first--(in Russian). He was staring slightly—not in a rude, leering way.. but...he definitely seemed surprised by my appearance.. (I tend to dress conservatively.. with occasional outlandish pieces..)

I excused myself--”I'm off to the pool—after a quick errand” but he smiled shyly, and gently commented “You look so sexy.”

It was not the reaction I expected.. (by my standards I was wearing a mis-mash of colors, and was barely presentable!) but it made my day.


teabird said...

HA! Wonderful.
I think you'll start a trend. Wait, you'll see. The men will go back and tell their wives, and their wives will go shopping...

errs said...

Your description of your outfit made me giggle. :D

And it is always a good day when somebody tells you that you look sexy. (Unless they are a creepy perv...then it would not be good...no sireee bob.)

sulu-design said...

Yet another reason why I miss New York. Men elsewhere in this country would never say such a thing. Work it, Helen!

Angie said...

That is such a great story! I hope it helped lift you out of your funk. And next time you are in one, just remember what he said.

Robyn said...

You still got it baby!

It reminds me of a story about how a South Korean diplomat kept talking about Madeline Albright's brooch--and how it looked on her busom.

Obviously, tropical is the way to go!