Thursday, August 14, 2008

and some other stuff...

In May, I made a major stash enhancement, when I purchased two dozen or so cones of wool. Some were superfine (lace weight) mohair’s—in assorted colors, blues, purple, black, green, cinnamon brown. (I started a shawl, blending two of the yarns, but I am unhappy with it)
When the weather gets cooler, I’m going to frog it…It's almost impossible to frog mohair when it’s warm, but cold mohair can be frogged. Freezing works, but the work warms up quickly –and it’s a stop and go process in the summer—in a few weeks, I can bundle up, sit outside and get it done quick as a wink.

There were also 2 cones, (each weighing in over 2.5 lbs!) of fingering weight merino. These were not labeled for fiber content, and I think they are a silk and merino blend—a flame test confirms they are natural fibers, (as does a simple dye test—they take dye beautifully with a slug of vinegar!)

One Cone has been divided into several skeins/balls—some still the natural white, others transformed—4 oz into this silvered pink, and 8 oz into this sunrise sonata... (coral, yellow, and peach tones)

I got some silk (1 cone) and some cashmere too, -6 partial cones—3 in fingering weight (Red, taupe, cream), 3 in cobweb weight, (cream, 2 shades of very light beige) –these cones range from about 1 lb, to 1.5 lbs…The light colors can be easily over dyed—(even the red can be made darker—not that I want to—it’s a nice pure red, no blue undertones, nor orange ones either)

It’ really an embarrassment of riches!—my thought was to skein some up and sell it, (and I might yet do that)but so far I haven't done that. I have shared some with members of my knitting groups
I have other silk—this red and blue, for example—This ball is 3oz, and I have 2 more this size, and almost the same amount knit up (not by me)that awaits frogging.

I don’t really like the color way… and a few yards (100 or so) have been over dyed with a deep purple—I like these purples and plums better, but I am not sure if I want 10oz of purple silk.. I am still thinking about the best way to over dye this yarn–and get a color that sends me!

Meanwhile, the Heart & Sole socks have gussets, and I am down the home stretch to the toe…(this photo is from a few days ago, when I had just finished turning the heel.)

Of course, I still have a pocket (or 2!) to knit, but I don’t think that will take long.

And then there’s this secret project I’m working on—it’s most definitely a work in progress—this is the 3rd attempt, and it may be frogged and worked again to get it just right.

It’s a mystery project being knit with a mystery yarn-- a synthetic I think, but I could be wrong, the color is silvery dark grey—like silver with a dark patina—and it's super soft--pehaps even too soft for my purposes!


Sonya said...

I think Beatrice wanted pockets at the ankle, sort of easy access under your pants leg type thing. I'll check in with her.

Winsjammer said...

The peachy color yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

LICraftgal said...

And just why wouldnt you want 10oz of purple/plum silk??? I think it would be just wonderful LOL But really the coral yarn is just beautiful!!! And I love the socks, my kind of colors!!!