Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward
Into the valley of death...

No, that’s wrong, it’s half a foot, half a foot, --and the foot we are talking about is not one third of yard, but a child’s 8 inch foot. Or some 4 inches-- It's quick work knitting a sock with just 48 stitches!

(Miss B has a birthday coming up—and while socks aren’t usually the first choice for a present--well, not from this grandma--maybe socks with pockets are a notch or two above!)

Toe up—starting with some left over 4 ply Kroy (Patons)—this is twice left over! First from some striped socks, and then from some swirl socks.

I used the magic cast (my newest favorite cast on).

The foot and leg are/will be of this hand painted yarn—it was a gift from Germania, (a light traveler, she never had more than a skein or two of stash, and she parted with that when she moved.)

I thinks it is Cherry Tree Hill, but it could be something else-- Germania had knit it and frogged it, (and I never had a label).

I made a pair of socks for myself out it—and had a lot left over--plenty for a pair of children’s socks.

The yarn is super soft, (and should be knit with 1’s I think, but I am working on 2’s) the Kroy is a bit more durable—and I’ll use it again for the heel, (and maybe even for the pocket) –the colors are a bit off, (not as dark as this picture) The better image—colorwise—was blurry, and I was in a rush. I opted for a clearer, if not color perfect image.

Sturdy heels and toes are a must of kids socks--and while turquoise and brown are the new favorite colors, and the hand painted yarn has both, it is a bit dark --and the Kroy brightens up the color while adding some strength where it will be neede most.

Last night at my Long Island City (LIC) group, Kimberly said there is a pattern on Ravelry for a sock with a pocket, I looked (a quick look) and didn’t see it, if any one knows it, let me know--here or on Ravelry (where I am, (as I am most places on line) Of Troy)

Other wise, the pocket will just be a simple insert above the ankle (sort of clock pocket –where the term clock is a for a decorative element on a sock, not a timepiece!)

I have plans for this weekend, so I don’t think they will be finished before the middle of next week--and for now, I am off to knit--if not a league or foot, at least a few rows.


Anonymous said...

The only socks with pockets pattern I found on Ravelry had the pocket on top of the foot (Hot Pockets). KnitPicks has a pattern for Treasure Pocket Socks.

UnderMeOxter said...

Lucy Neatby, in her DVD "Double Knitting" demonstrates how to knit a pocket with double-knitting in the round. I wonder would you find her method, or something similar, on you-tube?

If you're interested, I'll have another look at my DVD and see if I can describe how-to in words for you.