Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Leg Up

No make that 2 legs and foot up on finishing..
Note the advantage of having the heel stitches on needles--the foot of the sock can be easily turned inside out for finishing work!

And that was last night!

Now the second foot is 'finished'(that is no more tails!) , and the 6th stripe repeat is on its way--Just one more round to complete it!

There will still be more finishing to do..(as I added the white yarn for the 6th stripe repeat, I created 4 more tails to be woven in!) but with 44 tails woven in, the bulk of the work is done. (Still-- there will be another 24 or so tails created before the sock is finished!)

Next up the heels..

I've planned an 'interesting heel' –it works fine when I knit it in my head.. what awaits is to see if my fingers can do the same!

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