Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mistakes—Or Leaf me alone!

Somewhere, lost in the history, some knitter made a mistake and made a yarn over. They weren't the first to make this mistake, but they were the first to look at it, and say, Hey, this is cool—I've made a hole.

Sometime after that, they figured out, that by pairing holes (YO's) and Knit together's, they could make lace like designs.

Mistakes are opportunities.

Hate the sweater?
Or is it the wrong size, the wrong gauge?
Or just not something your really want to knit?
Is it sitting in a frog pile.. or just stuffed in a bag, being ignored?

Your mistake could be a great hat.. (and the extra yarn, a scarf, or vest)
Your mistake could be a felted bag.. (and all those minor mistakes lost forever!)
Your mistake could be the best thing you've ever knit.

I make mistakes all the time. Sometimes I frog them, more often I try to salvage them.

Remember the secret project that I said you wouldn't be seeing for a while? Well, it's back to the drawing board for me... (I had knit, and frogged 3 times before I got around to taking a photo, and a few rows later, I realized, I had, yet another “mistake” but this time I salvaged it.

I didn't intend to knit this silly little hat, but I like it-- and this is a fine mistake—if you don't like it, you can Leaf me alone!

It's not a hat for warmth, but for style--its a mistake that been redeemed!

While rethinking what to do to get what I want (and I didn't want this little hat, for sure!) I've been weaving in some ends, and other wise finishing up a brainless project—a linen hand towel.

It's the second (of a non matching pair), and I still have scraps of this linen yarn left over.. I think I am going to be the proud owner of some matching washcloths.. (I didn't think the 5 partial balls would go this far!)

It's been worked (d'oh!) in linen stitch.. even though this slubby yarn is the best choice for this stitch (or for a hand towel either!)

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sulu-design said...

I'm loving the "mistake" hat. So darn cute!