Friday, August 01, 2008

No Excuses....

or a 1000-- does it matter?

I could blame my down in the dumps mood... and the total lack of incentive and concentration.. (in the past 6 weeks I've started a hand towel (it's almost, but not quite finished) and a face cloth (finished) and a pair of socks.. no make that 2 pairs of socks.. neither is finished (tho 1 pairs shows promise!)

I could blame the hardware.. (both my computer and my modem)--a new power supple, a new USB mutli port, a new modem....(and a whole bunch of re-configuring wires, and ports and connections..)

I could blame the hot weather (and the pool membership!)

I could blame my crappy attitude—I've had plenty to say.. but 99.99% of it was negative.. I've been short tempered and nasty –everything has irritated me.. (and well I try not to give in to such feelings—giving in doesn't make me feel better—if anything it makes me feel worse!--so I could claim my silence has been an act of kindness..(to myself and to others)

I know those who have seen me, been with me in the past month, will express some surprise –I haven't seen that down, or that negative.. but that because I've been using them (and their up beat moods) to elevate my own mood. But on my own, its been difficult to be upbeat..

Truth is, the is no excuse—or a thousand.

I seem to be on the move—and feeling less glum.

And while I did take a vacation from knitting, I haven't been total idle.

For one, I have been channeling Sulu –and have 24 pairs of earing's and almost as many necklaces to prove it.. Of course her's are for sale..(mine aren't)--This collections of 5 pairs is going (gone !) to my daughter. I'll get around to photographing the ones I've keep for my self soon.

And I've died a few skeins of wool (and silk)--haven't knit them, but I have dyed!

Along with a few members of my LICKnits group, I am a member of a Red sock KAL.

A few years ago, (MAY 05) I made some red socks.. (they became a gift to one of my sisters)

My new red sock are not quite the same.. but similar...a bit more Rag Doll socks..

Maybe a photo tomorrow.. or soon.


teabird said...

I hope we'll have a chance to see the new colours!

Angie said...

it's nice to see you back. i just figured with the summer and all that you might've taken some time off. i hope this break has helped you. pretty earings and really nice socks!

sulu-design said...

While I'm sorry to read that you've been dealing with a bout of negativity, I have to say, this post put a huge smile on my face. No, not because you threw a link to my blog in there (but that didn't hurt). I was thrilled to see you post some handmade jewelry - it's lovely! And I gotta tell you, I met that daughter-in-law of yours in person the other day and I only wish she lived closer. What a fun, intelligent, and adorable gal!
I hope things are looking up (and I wish I could join you in the pool you posted about)...

Anonymous said...

Your earrings are all quite lovely. I'll bet your daughter is very pleased.