Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Progress Report--pocket socks

I had a wonderful time this weekend, visiting with friends old and new, in Catskills..

I even got a bit of knitting done!
First I took a spare needle and knit the ‘pocket flap’ using the solid turquoise yarn.
I cast on 14 stitches, and knit these stitches in stocking knit for about 10 rows, (more or less a square.)
Then, as I came to the last few stitches on a row, (7 to be exact) I
1: knit stitch 7 and the first stitch of the pocket together
2: continued knitting the pocket, (6 more stitches)
3: slipped the 6 un-knit stitches onto waste yarn
(turned the work)

I continued then knitting the pocket stitches, (6) and slipping unknit sock stitches onto the waste yarn.
The final stitch of the Pocket flap was knit together with the sock

I repeated this process on the second sock

This is what the sock looked like at that point.

Since then I’ve knit some 3 or so inches of “leg” and an inch of cuff.
Another few rows, and I’ll be binding off the cuff.
Then I’ll complete the heel

After the heel is completed, I’ll complete the pocket by:
1—picking up the stitches from the waste yarn, and casting on one stitch at each edge, (for the seam)
2—knitting a cuff for the pocket –that will include a buttonhole (for the button)

The pocket will be finished by sewing the flap to the inside of the sock. and sewing on a button.

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