Friday, August 08, 2008

Rag Doll Socks--Finished!

Miss me yesterday?

Afraid I was going to disappear from the blogosphere again?

Well really, 6 days in a row of post was never my norm!

I still have a half dozen more ends to weave in... but for all intents and purposes, the Rag Doll socks are complete.

I still have lots of red (and white) yarn left...but.. I tend to like medium length socks.. I almost never wear high boots (lets face it, i haven't owned a pair of high boots in 20 years.. and I am not likely to buy them now!) so I don't need “boot high” socks.

I just don't much like knee high socks--(I do sometimes were knee high nylons.) I don't think I've owned (bought or knit) a pair of knee high socks in 40 years.

So there is no way I am going to start now.

My “normal" socks are—when the sock is folded at the heel, about as long as the foot. These RagDoll socks are about 1 inch longer.

Some details--
1—I made NO ATTEMPT to make the color changes jog-less.
(for the most part, I don't like such efforts)

2—The heel is yet another experimental effort.. It looks a bit strange, but its fits great! I might repeat this basic design(hardly an original!) and try to get it to look nicer.
There are gussets before the heel shaping (5 increases each side for a total of 10) on the sole

These creates over 1.25 inches of ease at the heel. (stitch gauge was 7.5 Per inch) And corresponding gussets where I decreased after the heel –bringing the stitch count back to original number.

3—The gussets were on the sole, not on the instep.
I frequently add gussets on this type of heel, but usually I add them on the instep.

The extra stitches made the heel significantly deeper, and shorter. And left a large number of stitches at the completion.

Normally, when I make an afterthought heel like this, I decrease till the heel is deep enough—and by then, I have anywhere from 16 to 22 stitches left. When this heel was comfortaby deep I had 40 stitches remaining. (I started the heel with 80 stitches—60 from basic sock (30 +30) and the 10 gussets stitches (10 +10)) The final 40 stitches were grafted.

4—Did you notice the kitchenered/tubular cast off? A nice touch I think.. I have, huge shapely calf muscles.. and even an inch longer sock makes a big difference—the tubular cast off is a stretchier one. And make these ever so slightly longer socks fit comfortably.

All in all, I am very happy with this sock..


Karen said...

I love them Helen! Reminds me of the first Xmas card photo we had of the kid....he looked like a candy cane!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Yes to the question.

And those are such pretty socks, who cares about joglessness?

Anonymous said...

While I've always liked the look of the short-row heels, I've avoided knitting them because my high insteps made the fit really uncomfortable. Looks like you've solved this problem. I'll have to give your method a try.
Love the tubular cast-off. In the last year or so, I've gone totally tubular for cast-ons & -offs. Makes such a lovely stretchy edge!
Beautiful socks!