Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sock it to me--I am in the Pink (sort of socks!)

The Rag Doll socks are coming along—I completed another stripe pattern repeat... And then got bored—so instead of knitting, I removed the waste yarn and have positioned the heel stitches on needles.
I could do this, because I finished the Pink Ped's--(and freed up a pair of needles!)--and I wanted to do this, because I plan to knit the heels of the Rag Doll socks --before I finish the legs--then finish up the legs until I run out of yarn.

Today, I might busy my self with weaving in some of the ends –I've carried the red yarn, but cut the white--2 tails per stripe, 11 stripes so far, 22 ends per sock! That's a lot of weaving in to do! And there will still be more ends as knit the heels and finish up the legs.

I find doing some of the finishing before completing (be it a sock or anything!) works for me—I feel as if I really have made progress when the ends have been woven in.. And I love taking a sock off the needles and being able to finish them up in a few minutes.

Still—even though my socks (even striped ones like this) are complete almost immediately after they come off the needles—what with taking time out to do finishing before they are finished--I tend to let them 'ferment'--I almost never wear a completed pair immediately. I like to be able to hold them, admire them, enjoy them—before the become just another article of clothing!

The Pink Ped's were knit from some odd ball yarn--a small partial skein –one of those things I tend to glom onto –It was part of someone else's stash, (SABLE really) and while the yarn collection was HUGE and filled with fine quality stuff.. a good percentage wasn't to my taste...

As the knitters in my LIC knitting group found themselves with 10 or more skeins in shades of green, I grabbed the bag filled with single balls and left over skeins.

Ok, don't go thinking I was totally self sacrificing or anything---I got some 8 balls of an Anny Blatt wool mohair blend! And I got some other really nice stuff--this scarf was made from a half dozen partial skeins in that bag-- and its 100% silk!

(a few face cloths got knit too—nothing like partial balls of beautiful cotton, linen and blends of cotton and linen for pretty face cloths!)

Getting back to the Pink Ped's –a terry cloth like cotton yarn with a bit of spandex—the Peds were knit toe up, working from both ends of the ball—until there was nothing left (the tails after casting off were shorter than 6 inches!)they are a bit short in the back.. but they work.

Not much of sock—but good enough for keeping my feet comfortable as I walk back from the pool to my apartment..

Speaking of the pool.---Looks good doesn't it? Looks big, too! It' not a luxury pool club –Just a close by, convenient place to cool off.. And by closing time, cast in the shadow of the surrounding tall building!


LizzieK8 said...

Was there a particular reason you didn't carry both the red and the white yarn? I'm doing a striped sock now (with two different self striping yarns) and am carrying both the yarns....

Anonymous said...

Little pink sock!

And a lovely HUGE pool. It's great that you can go cool off there with some tall shade..