Monday, August 04, 2008

Sock Yarn--Can you ever have too much?

Really, is there such a thing as too much sock yarn?

Or a broader note—is there such thing as too much yarn in your stash? (One member of the West Babylon Knitting group has named a special executor in her will to deal with her stash that is verging on SABLE)

When I decided to join the Red Sock knit-along, I knew I had some red yarn in my stash. And my sock yarn has it's own little shelf... so I knew it wouldn't be impossible (or even difficult) to find.

As I dug the red sock yarn out, I also organized re-organized a bit..

I have 5(five) 2 gallon zip lock bags that each hold 15 50 gram balls.. (5 X15=75 balls or so.. or 35 potential pairs of socks..

I have another 2 gallon bag of 100 gram balls.. (a lot of Lion Brand (old) magic stripes in that bag) about 10 balls in all.. (another 10 potential pairs of socks)

Yet another 2 gallon bag has a mix lot of 'fancy' sock yarns--. 100 grams of cherry tree hill, 100 grams of some lovely sock yarn (in a glowing yellow/coral/orange near solid) from Rhinebeck, 100 grams of Lorna's, 100 grams of ... (well all in all, enough for another 8 pairs of sock!)

And there there is bag of mini balls....
Left overs, and in some cases, samples (from Jennifer) and rescues..
I love taking odds and ends and bits and pieces and making socks from scraps.

When I was (just a year or two ago) on a sock knitting jag, and turn out 13 to 14 pairs of socks year..a 50 to 60 sock stockpile represented a 3 to 4 year cushion.. (ample, but nor really excessive)

But last year I only knit 10 pairs of socks.. (and so far this year, 4) and the 'cushion' represents 5 years worth of yarn..(or perhaps even 6 or 7 years worth!)

It is, needless to say, pretty clear, I have NO NEED for sock.
(But when it comes to stash, what does NEED mean? Nothing--Stash is all about WANT, not NEED)

And then, what does Coat's and Clark's do?

Get's on the bandwagon, and offer some bright pretty self striping mostly wool yarns—at reasonable prices!
Mellow, Razzle Dazzle and Spring—all bright colors, jewel tones, and in the case of Razzle Dazzle, colors that I was totally lacking...--in both knit socks and stash!

So, 3 balls of my stash are well on the way to being socks –and 6 new balls of yarn have forced themselves into the stash.

The Rag Doll sock have 6 pattern repeats before the heel, and currently are 2 rounds short of 4 repeats after the heel. There will be at least 6 pattern repeats before the cuff--Which I think might be white, with the final few rows red.

Even the summer croc socks show signs of being finished before the dog days depart!


teabird said...

Like I said on Sunday - those red striped socks are absolutely wonderful. So cheery!

Angie said...

Too much yarn?!

LICraftgal said...

I dont think there can ever be to much yarn, sock or otherwise!! Love the red socks!!

Anonymous said...

No, well, a qualified no.. you really do need to be able to get around inside of a house. ;) otherwise, "no".