Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Socks (sans pockets)

As a child, I wore a uniform to school.
Most of my other clothes were home made.

At times, I hated this, and wanted clothes like my peers, but more often, I liked being able to dictate details—to be able to chose, ribbon, please, and not rick rack like in the illustration, or short sleeves, not long ones, PLEASE! (I was always hot and hated (and still do for the most part, LONG SLEEVES)

For the most part, my mother accommodated my (and my siblings) quirky requests.

My DIL sews less (but then so do I now days!) but she is particular about the kids clothes.
And my granddaughter, Miss B, almost from birth, has been as particular about her own cloths, too. (Sometimes her tastes run contrary to her mothers, but there don’t seem to be any major issues.)

Still Miss B, like any child who has taste, quickly learned that one major advantage to home made clothes was the ability to request, (and be accommodated!) on details.These socks are for Miss B—and are lacking the one detail she requested—Pockets!

Now pockets in socks might seem a strange idea to you (and me) but it’s what she wants, and she has learned, that if you ask, you are likely to receive!

Moments ago, socks were just packed in a box (and the box was sealed, and addressed, and made ready to mail—and I am passing a post office today in my travels... so they will actually be mailed!) and I’ve already cast on for another pair of socks… socks with pockets.

These socks were knit in last years favorite colors, (blue, green and purple) the New socks are going to be made in this years favorite colors, browns and turquoises. There are plans (but who knows if the plans will work out) to make a set of sweaters—One for Miss B, and one Master C—in brown, taupe, teal and turquoise.

I suppose, now that I know these are favorite colors, I should get started on them. But first, socks with pockets!


Karen said...

But think of the fun trinkets you can keep in your sock pockets!! You should make her a pair of knee highs with pockets. :)

Angie said...

Socks with pockets! Maybe she'll start a new trend!

LizzieK8 said...

Looking forward to a step by step on the socks with pockets. Sounds like something my granddaughter would love, too!